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Streamline the european business environment with first class disruptive technology

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - OnceForAll (Streamline the european business environment with first class disruptive technology)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2017-07-31

One major issue impacting the competitiveness of small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) across the European business-to-business sector (B2B) is the growing administration burden of legal and compliance documentation. Until now, each time a company responds to a request for tender, it has to compile and supply a considerable number of certificates and documents. In addition, once a contract is signed with a customer, the supplier must share updated certificates and the customer verify them. This is time-consuming and expensive for both customers and suppliers, impacting competitiveness.
The overall objective of the Once For All project is to design and create a new European-wide interoperable platform that connects companies, secures customer-supplier relationships and enables companies to share their administrative documents with customers more easily. We refer to it as a form of ‘LinkedIn’ for the B2B sector. Instead of having to compile mandatory documents over and over again, businesses only need to do so once. This will save them valuable time and money, as well as promote trust and security.
What makes the project truly disruptive and unique is the interoperability model – we are bringing competitors and stakeholders together to cooperate in order to build and use a platform that will benefit all parties.
As a result, this open network will contribute to improving significantly the competitiveness of European SMEs. Deploying a unique interoperable network on a European scale will enable existing companies seamlessly to access a market of over 20 million companies and exercise activities under conditions of fair competition, in line with EU objectives.
This year, ALG has met its objectives to structure and put in place the cornerstones of the project. We have created the necessary technical and organizational foundation to ensure the final platform is robust, sustainable and focused fully on meeting client and stakeholder needs.

Specifically, we have:
• put in place the structures, resources and systems necessary to ensure rigorous project delivery (financial, legal, project management, technological).
• secured the relationships in our two chosen markets (Germany and Spain) with pilot clients (majors & SMEs) and co-opitors (competitor/cooperators), and identified in-depth the client needs to ensure the solution is fully client-led.
• built and tested the core technical base, ready for application and customization into the international markets to build the interoperable network.
The past 12-months have been exciting, challenging and productive. The project is on track thanks to a dedicated and vibrant team of employee colleagues and external partners. We have spent this year in Germany and Spain, meeting and establishing strong relationships with stakeholders (Majors, SMEs, co-opitors, etc.). We know that the market is starting to drive demand. ALG is well positioned to respond to that demand as we accelerate to the next phase.

By the end of the project, we will have:
i. Objective 1: ‘Glocalized’ (globalized/localized) the ALG secured business network: we will have turned the European standard into a platform managing several countries and markets, and dealing at the same time with local parameters and specific needs, especially local regulations.

ii. Objective 2: Prepared and be ready to commercialize the platform, having identified and convinced Majors companies in 2 targeted countries: Germany and Spain.

iii. Objective 3: Defined an open interoperability standard with competitors from each of the targeted countries, which can connect any public and private organization. This standard will be compliant with privacy protection rules to be defined.
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