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High Temparature concentrated solar thermal power plan with particle receiver and direct thermal storage


Report on dissemination and communication activities

This report aims at assessing all the dissemination and communication activities implemented by all the partners during the two first year of the project. It will detail how each activity has been implemented (purpose & expected impact, recipient, content, media, timing ...).

Plan for dissemination and exploitation of results

The aim of the Plan for dissemination and exploitation of results is to describe how the knowledge generated will be disseminated and taken through to application. The Plan, established at month 6 taking into account the structure presented in section 2.2 of Part B, will be updated at the end of each reporting period and for the final report.

Project Quality Assurance Plan and Project Handbook

Quality assurance processes for all project deliverables and published materials will be defined at Month 3 of the projetct, in the project handbook, to establish common standard for the whole project.

Report on Themis solar field performance

Define the solar flux measurement device and experimental data. Describe the moving bar experimental device developed for the project and measured flux distribution on the solar receiver.

Report on particle selection for solar heat capture and storage

Compare thermal and mechanical properties of particles and recommend one or two materials. Define conditions for solid circulation in the process (velocity, pressure in particular)

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Energy analysis of a particle suspension solar combined cycle power plant

Author(s): Qian Kang, Raf Dewil, Jan Degrève, Jan Baeyens, Huili Zhang
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Bubbling and Slugging of Geldart Group A Powders in Small Diameter Columns

Author(s): Weibin Kong, Tianwei Tan, Jan Baeyens, Gilles Flamant, Huili Zhang
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Experiments support an improved model for particle transport in fluidized beds

Author(s): Huili Zhang, Weibin Kong, Tianwei Tan, Flamant Gilles, Jan Baeyens
Published in: Scientific Reports, Issue 7/1, 2017, ISSN 2045-2322
DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-10597-3

Thermal analysis of fluidized particle flows in a finned tube solar receiver

Author(s): A. Le Gal, B. Grange, M. Tessonneaud, A. Perez, C. Escape, J-L. Sans, G. Flamant
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Experiments support simulations by the NEPTUNE_CFD code in an Upflow Bubbling Fluidized Bed reactor

Author(s): Florian Sabatier, Renaud Ansart, Huili Zhang, Jan Baeyens, Olivier Simonin
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