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Review of historic datasets covering multiple stresses in tomato

Review of the scope and content of historic, published and unpublished studies covering primarily multiple stresses in tomato.

Contribution of strigolactones and brassinosteroids to water and nutrient use efficiency

Report elucidating the contribution of selected phytohormones (strigolactones and brassinosteroids) in combined stress resilience.

Gender action plan

The plan will describe the systematic measures for the promotion of equal opportunities in TOMRES implementation such as recruitment policies and measures for ensuring work/life balance.

Impact of biostimulants use on water and nutrient use efficiency and marketable yield of tomato crops

Report covering the effects of different biostimulants on tomato crops and their potential to improve water and nutrient use efficiency enhancing marketable yield.

Practice abstracts

The document will collate the practice abstracts developed by TOMRES from M1 to M21 and disseminated through internal and external platforms (EIP-Agri) during the project implementation.

Report on standard cultivation practices, nutrient/water balances at farm level and production costs in the TOMRES farmers network

A survey of state of-the art situation in tomato farms providing information on practices that can be improved based on TOMRES results.

Combined stress resilience of TOMRES accessions to be used as rootstocks

Report on water and nutrient use efficiency of accessions selected in previous WPs that can be used as rootstocks in greenhouse tomato.

Guidelines for the use of legumes as intercrops or as green manure in tomato cropping system

Guidelines on agronomic options for legumes to be used as intercrops or green manure in greenhouse organic tomato crops to optimize N and P nutrition and crop yield and minimize environmental impacts.

Preliminary guidelines on optimized tomato management practices for testing of combined stress resilience

Guidelines for best management practices to be applied on field testing (WP3) of selected genotypes, and covering: 1) use of novel biostimulants to increase water and nutrient use efficiency of tomato (best concentration, formulation, timing, delivery mode) 2) mycorrhization procedure 3) soil conditions and types that can improve nutrient availability.

TOMRES opinion paper (policy brief) concerning research policy and regulatory issues

TOMRES opinion paper (policy brief) concerning research policy and regulatory issues

TOMRES website and social media accounts

TOMRES website and social media accounts .

Information material in each country (flyers, banners)

Set of promotional material including project fact sheets, brochures, posters and roll-up banners.

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Partner communication and role of nutrients in the arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

Author(s): Luisa Lanfranco, Valentina Fiorilli, Caroline Gutjahr
Published in: New Phytologist, 2018, ISSN 0028-646X
DOI: 10.1111/nph.15230

Native soils with their microbiotas elicit a state of alert in tomato plants

Author(s): Matteo Chialva, Alessandra Salvioli di Fossalunga, Stefania Daghino, Stefano Ghignone, Paolo Bagnaresi, Marco Chiapello, Mara Novero, Davide Spadaro, Silvia Perotto, Paola Bonfante
Published in: New Phytologist, 2018, ISSN 0028-646X
DOI: 10.1111/nph.15014

Not only priming: Soil microbiota may protect tomato from root pathogens

Author(s): Matteo Chialva, Yang Zhou, Davide Spadaro, Paola Bonfante
Published in: Plant Signaling & Behavior, 2018, Page(s) 1-9, ISSN 1559-2324
DOI: 10.1080/15592324.2018.1464855

Quantitative trait loci analysis identifies a prominent gene involved in the production of fatty-acid-derived flavor volatiles in tomato

Author(s): Karolina Garbowicz, Zhongyuan Liu, Saleh Alseekh, Denise Tieman, Mark Taylor, Anastasiya Kuhalskaya, Itai Ofner, Dani Zamir, Harry J. Klee, Alisdair R. Fernie, Yariv Brotman
Published in: Molecular Plant, 2018, ISSN 1674-2052
DOI: 10.1016/j.molp.2018.06.003

Root inoculation with Azotobacter chroococcum 76A enhances tomato plants adaptation to salt stress under low N conditions

Author(s): Michael James Van Oosten, Emilio Di Stasio, Valerio Cirillo, Silvia Silletti, Valeria Ventorino, Olimpia Pepe, Giampaolo Raimondi, Albino Maggio
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Structure–activity relationships of strigolactones via a novel, quantitative in planta bioassay

Author(s): Elena Sanchez, Emma Artuso, Chiara Lombardi, Ivan Visentin, Beatrice Lace, Wajeeha Saeed, Marco L Lolli, Piermichele Kobauri, Zahid Ali, Francesca spyrakis, Pilar Cubas, Francesca Cardinale, Cristina Prandi
Published in: Journal of Experimental Botany, Issue 69/9, 2018, Page(s) 2333-2343, ISSN 0022-0957
DOI: 10.1093/jxb/ery092

Strigolactones: mediators of osmotic stress responses with a potential for agrochemical manipulation of crop resilience

Author(s): Francesca Cardinale, Paolo Korwin Krukowski, Andrea Schubert, Ivan Visentin
Published in: Journal of Experimental Botany, Issue 69/9, 2018, Page(s) 2291-2303, ISSN 0022-0957
DOI: 10.1093/jxb/erx494

What evidence exists on the effectiveness of the techniques and management approaches used to improve the productivity of field grown tomatoes under conditions of water-, nitrogen- and/or phosphorus-deficit? A systematic map protocol

Author(s): Nora Quesada, Pietro P. M. Iannetta, Philip J. White, Fanny Tran, Graham S. Begg
Published in: Environmental Evidence, Issue 8/1, 2019, ISSN 2047-2382
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Nitrogen Nutrition Optimization in Organic Greenhouse Tomato Through the Use of Legume Plants as Green Manure or Intercrops

Author(s): Gatsios, Ntatsi, Celi, Said-Pullicino, Tampakaki, Giannakou, Savvas
Published in: Agronomy, Issue 9/11, 2019, Page(s) 766, ISSN 2073-4395
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Establishment of Technological Stages for Obtaining Some Grafted Tomato Seedlings (Dutch Scion × Romanian Rootstocks)

Author(s): Dorin SORA
Published in: Bulletin of University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca. Horticulture, Issue 76/1, 2019, Page(s) 143, ISSN 1843-5394
DOI: 10.15835/buasvmcn-hort:2018.0020

Tomato landraces as a source to minimize yield losses and improve fruit quality under water deficit conditions

Author(s): Mateu Fullana-Pericàs, Miquel À. Conesa, Cyril Douthe, Hanan El Aou-ouad, Miquel Ribas-Carbó, Jeroni Galmés
Published in: Agricultural Water Management, Issue 223, 2019, Page(s) 105722, ISSN 0378-3774
DOI: 10.1016/j.agwat.2019.105722

The influence of grafting on crops’ photosynthetic performance

Author(s): Mateu Fullana-Pericàs, Miquel À. Conesa, Francisco Pérez-Alfocea, Jeroni Galmés
Published in: Plant Science, 2019, Page(s) 110250, ISSN 0168-9452
DOI: 10.1016/j.plantsci.2019.110250

Mediterranean Long Shelf-Life Landraces: An Untapped Genetic Resource for Tomato Improvement

Author(s): Miquel À. Conesa, Mateu Fullana-Pericàs, Antonio Granell, Jeroni Galmés
Published in: Frontiers in Plant Science, Issue 10, 2020, ISSN 1664-462X
DOI: 10.3389/fpls.2019.01651

Whole-Systems Analysis of Environmental and Economic Sustainability in Arable Cropping Systems: A Case Study

Author(s): Hawes, Young, Banks, Begg, Christie, Iannetta, Karley, Squire
Published in: Agronomy, Issue 9/8, 2019, Page(s) 438, ISSN 2073-4395
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Mechanisms controlling P retention during Fe(II) oxidative coprecipitation

Author(s): Veronica Santoro, Cristina Lerda, Per Persson, Maria Martin, Daniel Said Pullicino, Giuliana Magnacca, and Luisella Celi
Published in: Proceedings of the Merck & Elsevier Young Chemists Symposium XV I II edition, Issue Rimini, 19-21 November 2018, 2018

Performances of mycorrhizal tomatoes under water and nutrient stress conditions

Author(s): Stefania Stelluti, Matteo Chialva, Mara Novero, Paola Bonfante, Luisa Lanfranco
Published in: 113° Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana, Issue Fisciano (SA), 12 - 15 September 2018, 2018

Tomato wild relatives and their responsiveness to arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis

Author(s): Matteo Chialva, Stefania Stelluti, Mara Novero, Paola Bonfante, Luisa Lanfranco
Published in: 113° Congresso della Società Botanica Italiana, Issue Fisciano (SA), 12 - 15 September 2018, 2018

TOMRES: Screening Of Traditional Tomato Varieties For Water Use Efficiency And Nutrient Use Efficiency

Author(s): Alessandra Ruggiero, Giorgia Batelli, Michael James Van Oosten, Antonello Costa, Stefania Grillo, Albino Maggio
Published in: Atti del XLVII Convegno della Società Italiana di Agronomia, Issue Marsala, 12-14 September 2018, 2018

Ready for the worst: Mediterranean landraces as a source to improve tolerance to water stress in tomato

Author(s): Fullana-Pericàs M, Conesa MÀ, Douthe C, El Aou-ouad H, Costea G, Alonso D, Canyelles J, Fontclara JM, Coll X, Galmés J
Published in: Proceedings of the XIV International Plant Water Relations Symposium, Issue Madrid 3-5 October 2018, 2018

On the suitability of improved tomato rootstocks to face climate change: opposite response to water shortage between commercial rootstock genotypes and drought-adapted Ramellet landraces

Author(s): Galmés J, Fullana-Pericàs M, Douthe C, Costea G, Conesa MÀ.
Published in: Proceedings of the XIV International Plant Water Relations Symposium, Issue Madrid, 3-5 October 2018, 2018

Synthetic strigolactones affect floral induction in tomato

Author(s): Schubert A., Cardinale F., Macchio M., Caracci A., Visentin I.
Published in: XIX EUCARPIA Meeting of the Tomato Working Group, Issue Naples, Italy May 2-4, 2018,, 2018, Page(s) 55

Root exudates involvement in tomato plants response to low P levels

Author(s): V. Santoro, F. Cardinale, I. Visentin, M. Schiavon, A. Ertani, S. Nardi, M. Martin, D. Said-Pullicino, E. Barberis, L. Celi
Published in: SICA 2018 XXXVI Convegno Nazionale della Società Italiana di Chimica Agraria, Reggio Calabria 24-26/09/2018, 2018


Author(s): A. Schubert, P. Korwin, E. Deva, C. Lovisolo, I. Visentin, F. Cardinale
Published in: 2019

TOMRES: identifying tomato varieties with higher resource use efficiency

Published in: Proceedings of the LXIII SIGA Annual Congress Napoli, Italy – 10/13 September, 2019, 2019, Page(s) 6.35

Root exudates involvement in tomato plant response to low P levels

Author(s): V. Santoro, M. Schiavon, A. Ertani, S. Nardi, M. Martin, D. Said-Pullicino, L. Celi
Published in: 2019

4th international Molecular Mycorrhiza Meeting

Author(s): Matteo Chialva, Stelluti Stefania, Mara Novero, Paola Bonfante, Luisa Lanfranco
Published in: 2019, Page(s) P04


Author(s): M.T.Trentinaglia De Daverio, T. Mancuso, M. Peri, L. Baldi
Published in: International Journal on Food System Dynamics, 2019, ISSN 2194-511X
DOI: 10.18461/pfsd.2019.1907


Author(s): Mateu Fullana-Pericàs, Miquel À Conesa,Miquel Ribas-Carbó, Jeroni Galmés
Published in: 2019

How tomato responds to biotic and abiotic stresses: set up of a screening methodology

Author(s): Francesca Lauria
Published in: 2018

Tomato M82 vs Solanum pennellii: the impact of water stress and mycorrhization in a tomato commercial line vs a wild relative

Author(s): Stefania Stelluti
Published in: 2019, Page(s) 1-88

Solanum lycopersicum and Gigaspora margarita: the impact of abiotic stress and endobacteria on AM symbiosis

Author(s): Gianluca Guazzotti
Published in: 2019, Page(s) 1-96

Effects of Strigolactones of floral induction in tomato

Author(s): Eleonora Deva
Published in: 2018

Regolazione delle risposte alla carenza di fosforo mediata da strigolattoni in Solanum lycopersicum

Author(s): German Vighi
Published in: 2019

Controllo dell’espressione del miRNA 156 da parte di strigolattoni e stress idrico

Author(s): Alessio Caracci
Published in: 2017

Role of the strigolactone-mir156 module during repeated drought stress in tomato

Author(s): Cecilia Roche
Published in: 2019

Vergleich nicht-invasiver und invasiver Methoden zur Bestimmung von sekundären Pflanzenstoffen in Tomatenblättern.

Author(s): Jens Udo Justen
Published in: 2019

Einfluss von Wasser- und Nährstoffmangel auf Blatttemperatur und Wasserstatus von Tomatenblättern unterschiedlich stresstoleranter Genotypen mittels Hyperspektral- und Thermographieverfahren

Author(s): Carolin Lülf
Published in: 2019

Einfluss abiotischer Stressfaktoren auf diverse Tomatengenotypen und deren Erfassung mittels nicht-invasiver Sensoren

Author(s): Christina Schmidt
Published in: 2018

Einfluss simultanen Stickstoff-, Phosphor-  und Wassermangels auf die Blattinhaltsstoffe und spektralen Eigenschaften verschiedener Tomatengenotypen

Author(s): Nazik Özgen
Published in: 2019

Pomodori resistenti alla siccità

Author(s): Gabriele Vallarino
Published in: 2019