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DMC grouting tube system

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GroutTube (DMC grouting tube system)

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2016-12-31

The issue is to bring our grouting concept to the market and get it commercialized.
We already know that our grouting concept will work and have completed a full scale test/demo grouting procedure.
So we have the proof-of-concept.

We wish to find a partner who can join us in the final product/methode/concept development in a periode of 1-2 years.
We want to find a project partner who has a network of leads/customers in the offshore windturbine branch.
July 2016 Meeting in our project group. Describing the project idea for a effective presentation. Brainstorming about relevant contacts for dialog our about project and getting market informations for later market penetration.
We have now 4-5 high rated companies/contacts and we will now try to get appointments for meetings with relevant persons which have market knowledge and offshore experiences.
We hope to get not only market informations but also technical comments of our methode and equipment.

Next step is contact to Bart Romanov and hopefully to get valuable informations and comments of our methode and equipment - and dialog about the next steps towards market penetration.

August 2016 We have now been in contact with Bart and the dialog will continue. The holiday period has delayed us a little bit, but we are moving on and hope to get to meetings with the 3-4 partner possibilities we have.

August 2016 We have decided to use EEN/ Enterprise Europe Network to find a partner who can help us towards the market penetration.
We will now make the announcement to EEN/ Enterprise Europe Network together with the danish EEN-office/consultant.

September 2016 Bart will now work further on with our project and we hope to se a good impact.
The profile text to EEN/ Enterprise Europe Network are worked out and we look forward to se the results.

October 2016 We have had a god dialog with Bart, and we have now a list of patented equipment from the whole world. After a short watch we did not find problems or serious competition. But we will go through the list again and study Barts comments. We expect that we here after have freedom to operate.
Achievements obtained in Phase 1
¥ Clarity of competition and patents on offshore grouting market through dialogue with Bart Romanov
¥ Adding special development of vital parts of the equipment, which can help to improve the competitive parameters and provide market advantages
¥ Clear about what type of partner we want to cooperate with the Phase 2 project and possibly on future
¥ Plan for production and assembly lines - identifying potential producers
¥ Knowledge about the procedure for testing and certification of Grouttube method
¥ Pricing strategy will be finally decided when Grouttube is fully developed. The starting point is an overall price for 1 set Grouttube - depending on accessories - at around 100,000 €
¥ We have become more accurate in our assessment of value-adding cooperation with a possible project partner for the Phase 2 project. We believe that the grouting companies are not optimal collaboration in Grouttube project. Grouting business is more a subcontractor of grouting mix and pump connected to our Grouttube equipment. We think that a shipping company with crane ships can add more value to the development project through their knowledge about the handling of the equipment both on the ship and crane and knowledge of the conditions of navigation in the grouting zone.
Grouttube equipment tested onshore on a jacket foundation
Grouttube onshore test - on the spot at a jacket