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Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - BreedIT-FIELD (Professional tool to facilitate data collection and digitalization in field trials for plant breeding and seed commercialisation)

Reporting period: 2016-06-01 to 2016-08-31

Seed companies are heavily reliant on extensive know how and technology for the breeding operation. The process is data intensive, time consuming, costly and complex, normally conducted across multiple locations and over many years, with no guarantee of success. Therefore, breeders need state of the art integration and cost effective solutions to reduce products' development efforts, man hours and expenses. Constant innovations emerging from R&D require rapid and efficient implementation strategy to enable any company to survive in such a competitive business.
BreedIT Field intends to assist breeders and researchers on the process of breeding. The system is design to be custom fitted to breeders according their needs, crop, and breeding goals. BreedIT has access to the most advanced research laboratories and academic know-how, keeping it at the cutting edge of breeding R&D. BreedIT contains decades of accumulated knowledge and experience making it a one-of-a-kind, state of the art, breeding supporting system. Accumulating, analyzing and disseminating knowledge in breeding information technologies, the system assists breeders to plan, manage, handle and analyze breeding data and support the practical performance of the breeding activities, quickly and effectively. The system supports the breeders at every stage in the activities including; simple review of the breeder's and lab historical data, planning, designing, field work, collection of information, data analyses, drawing conclusion, preparing reports and field books. It facilitates communication between all parties involved such as: Phytopathology, Molecular Biology, Agronomy, and field or laboratory trials in the service of the breeders.
The feasibility study performed in Phase 1 demonstrates BreedITs' plan to leverage its proven capabilities and breakthrough technology to implement it in new products which has the potential to save costs, time and resources, and create significant positive impact on Seed industry and Breeders.
The document, which covers all the development and commercialization aspects of the BreedIT Field, clearly shows that the BreedIT Field project is feasible and will set new breeding capabilities in the seed production growers market.
The study demonstrates that the BreedIT Field project is feasible from the following aspects:
Need – there is a requirement for field monitoring and data collection capabilities in the market of breeding. The new advance approach that will dramatically improve data collection may shorten the time and reduce cost for seed growers to get new variety registration. Through analysis of the products' potential market and the data gathered in the feasibility study, BreedIT demonstrates that together with prompting for an improvement in seeds breeding field monitoring by the academia, there is also a strong and valid need for such an improvement from the customers.
Market – there is an identified seed breeding market, which is large and still constantly growing and is eager to adopt new tools which provides significant added value. The research carried concludes that there is a solid need for the product. In fact, an in-depth review of the data in the feasibility study shows that there is a new, additional market of breeders looking for an enhanced product.
Technology - The BreedIT Field, breeders monitoring, will merit extensive additional data that will enable BreedIT to bring to market a cutting edge product. BreedIT Field technology and the additional innovations described are between TRL 6 to TRL 9 and can be implemented in full scale design with minimal risk.
Economical – An extensive ROI analysis was carried out to examine product pricing. The conclusion is that BreedIT will be able to meet a market target price acceptable by customers.
Commercialization – BreedIT suggested a commercialization strategy that will ensure the materialization of BreedIT Field project and result in global distribution of the product.
Finance – the P&L analysis shows that careful implementation of the product, combined with support of the European union, will put the company on a profit path starting from the fifth year from the beginning of implementation.

To conclude, all of the parameters examined in the thorough feasibility study clearly indicate that BreedIT Field project is highly feasible and can result in a superior product. The product is required by the market, can be successfully commercialised and has the potential to create significant impact on breeders and the development of new innovative seeds required by the worldwide society.
Thus, BreedIT would like to proceed into an SME Phase 2 project with the support of the EC allowing the goal fulfilment of improving the seed breeding industry.
The BreedIT Field project is planned as an Innovative Action to introduce an innovative tool for the seed breeding industrial/research process. The project intends to introduce the ability for monitoring and data collection from the field based on the different phases of the breeding process.