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Pan-European Urban Climate Services


Release of 4 demonstration services

Release of remaining 4 demonstration climate services.

Urban climate data platform

Online distribution plaform for primary urban climate data

Urban climate data for demonstration cases

Delivery of primary urban climate data for the 6 demonstration cities

Urban climate data for replication cases

Delivery of urban primary climate data for the 6 cities in the replication cases

Release of 2 demonstration services

Release of 2 demonstration climate services.

Socio-economic impact assessment (I)

Report describing activities and output of Taks 6.3 with respect to the demonstration cases

Stakeholder mapping

Stakeholder mapping Corresponding task: task 7.4 – Direct outreach activities

Socio-economic impact assessment (II)

Report describing the activities and output of Task 6.3 (replication cases)

Methodological framework

This report will include an annex with input from stakeholder events and a report from the internal project workshop

Cross-sectoral synergies

Report describing cross-sectoral analysis activities and results from task T3.4

Market replication cases’ evaluation report

Report describing activities for the evaluation of market replication services (T3.3)

Description of the co-designed services

Description of the co-designed services (M12) performed in Task 2.2

PUCS zero (baseline) scenario

Report describing the activities from Task 6.2

Market analysis and product definition

This report will include written in-depth interviews from the stakeholder analysis in T8.1 in annex.

Four policy / business/ media briefs

Four policy, business, media briefs published and start of dissemination (M26) Corresponding tasks: • Task 7.4 – Direct outreach activities • Task 7.7 – Synthesis publications for city and regional decision-makers

Service evaluation report

Report describing the process and outcome of all sectoral evaluation activities as described in Task 3.2

Service demonstration report

will report the activities described in T4.2 and outcomes of the replication cases including reports of workshops with new users in annex.

Marketing brochure

Marketing brochure on climate risk management and adaptation strategies Corresponding tasks: • Task 7.4 – Direct outreach activities • Task 7.7 – Synthesis publications for city and regional decision-makers

New service cases: description

Report describing the identification and selection process (described in T4.1), also highlighting the interest/value of the new service cases compared to the demonstration cases from WP2.

Stakeholder mapping report

This deliverable will document the user need collection process described in Task 2.1. Reports from the 6 sectoral stakeholder workshops (T2.1) will be added in annex

Dissemination and exploitation plan

Corresponding tasks: • Task 7.1 – Development and delivery of communication, dissemination, and exploitation plans

Demonstration of services’ added value

Demonstration of the added value of the urban services.This deliverable will document the demonstration activities described in Task 2.3. Reports from the 6 sectoral demonstration workshops (T2.3) will be added in annex.

Evaluation framework

Evaluation framework, including methodology, tools and usable indicators (M12). The questionnaires and interviews will be part of D3.1. Empty questionnaires (templates) will be added in annex.

Workshops, trainings, videos

Six workshops and trainings organised and videos produced (web series/animation). Training materials and workshop outcomes will be provided in annex of the deliverable. Corresponding tasks: • Task 7.4 – Direct outreach activities • Task 7.5 – Marketing materials • Task 7.6 – Workshops & training

Website, visual identity, marketing materials

Corresponding tasks: • Task 7.2 – Visual identity, PUCS logo • Task 7.3 – Establishment of Urban Climate Services around a well-designed platform • Task 7.5 – Marketing materials

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