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New market niches for the Pulp and Paper Industry waste based on circular economy approaches


Implementation of Circular Case 5. Mining sector

Linked with task 5.5. Description of the demonstration activities and preliminary conclusions of the soil cover built at Boliden´s facilities.

EU Raw material supply scenario

Linked with Task 2.3. Analysis of feedstock, products and characteristics of the processes and generated waste at European level. Results of surveys and implications for the dissemination plan

Reference framework for the circular economy models

Corresponding with Task 3.2. Description of the whole value chain in each industrial symbiosis scenario

Communication and dissemination strategy and plan

Linked with task 9.1. Key factors and description of the C&D plan

Comprehensive analysis of the existing and emerging approaches of circular economy models in pulp and paper industry

Corresponding with Task 3.1. Report on the innovation challenges regarding circular economy models for the PPI and the selected sectors

Baseline Report:PPI waste streams valorisation potential

Linked with Task 2.1. An assessment of volumes and current managing procedures of targeted wastes of each involved industrial partners

Communication and dissemination materials

Linked with tasks 9.1 and 9.2. Description of already prepared and projected materials, including the web tools and templates

Data Management Plan

First deliverable. Linked with all tasks

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