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Start-up activities for Advanced Signalling and Automation Systems


Analysis of existing lines and economic models

This deliverable from Task 7.2 will contain the results of analysis of the existing lines and economics models. The analysis will include the state of the art of communication techniques as well as technical possibilities within power supply area

Terminology for the future Signaling and Automation System

Harmonized glossary for the terminology used in X2Rail-1.

User Requirements

This deliverable from Task 3.2 will define the User Requirements that the communication system shall satisfy. In particular, this is expected to cover requirements for signalling and voice as well as requirements identified by other WPs.

Moving Block Application Report

This deliverable from Task 5.6 will define extra Operational and Engineering Rules, and extra system functions, required for the following type of railway application: Urban/Suburban Railways Overlay Systems High Speed Lines Low Traffic and Freight Lines This deliverable will also contain a report on the results achieved by the prototyping activities in Tasks 5.7, 5.8, 5.9 and 5.10.

Current test condition and Benchmarking report

This deliverable will highlight the current on and off site test approaches, proposing improvement actions and it will also describe best practices from other industries outside the railway sector, including a list of potential improvement ideas. This deliverable will be the output of Task 6.2.

ATO over ETCS GoA2 Specification

This deliverable from Task 4.2 will define the ATO System Requirement Specification (including Interface Specification) which is requested to guarantee the interoperability of ATO over ETCS. The output from Ten-T 3rd call and NGTC will be considered to start this delivery.

Railway requirements and Standards application conditions

This deliverable from Task 7.3 will contain the results of analysis of the railway requirements together with the analysis of existing lines. Specifically this deliverable will include the analysis of the railway requirements with regard to safety, security and performance issues. Beside object controller and networks this task will figure out requirements on local power supply /energy harvesting. This deliverable from Task 7.3 will contain the results of analysis of the railway and non-railway applicable standards. Specifically this deliverable will include the analysis of the standards with regard to safety, security and performance issues.

Report on Communication and Dissemination activities

This report will detail the activities undertaken during the life of the project including details on the management and activities of Advisory Group and established contacts to key stakeholders of this project.

ATO over ETCS GoA3/4 Feasibility Study and preliminary specification

This deliverable from Task 4.6 and 4.7 will include: -the feasibility study including identified hazards and their proposed mitigations and the proposal of modifications to the operational concepts; -preliminary System Requirements and Architecture of the overall ATO over ETCS; -the identification of the impacts on the current ERTMS specification.

Moving Block System Specifications

This deliverable from Tasks 5.3 will define the application and interfaces for the application of Moving Block signalling for application of Moving Block signalling across the different market segments.

Reference Architecture(s)

Documentation of a coherent S2R high level system architecture based on inputs and deliverables from relevant technical work packages for the signaling and automation system.

Moving Block Preliminary Safety Analysis

This deliverable from Task 5.5 will contain the results of preliminary safety and security analysis. This is expected to contain analysis regarding the operation of a railway without trackside train detection, including in failure conditions. This deliverable is expected to contain recommendations regarding the implementation of a Moving Block signalling system in a safe and secure manner.

Draft of the “security-by-design” and of railway cyber security management system standards

This deliverable from Tasks 8.4 and 8.8 will provide a draft specification of Application of the selected generic “security-by-design” standard to railway signalling and communication context. This will result in a set of requirements and/or guidelines.

Definition of protection profiles

This deliverable from Task 8.7 will provide the standard protection profiles for generic railway sub-systems.

Moving Block Operational and Engineering Rules

This deliverable from Task 5.2 will define the areas where Infrastructure Managers and Railway Undertakings will be required to have Operational Rules, in order to enable Moving Block operation. In particular, this is expected to cover failure scenarios, and also transitions into and out of Moving Block signalling areas. This deliverable will also define Engineering Rules required to realise a Moving Block signalling system. It is likely to cover for example the use of bi-directional signalling, and requirements regarding the boundaries of Moving Block signalling areas.

Specification of the communication system and Guideline for choice of Technology

This deliverable from Task 3.4 will define draft technical specification of the communication system including overall architecture, definition of interfaces with user applications, addressing, QoS requirements, security, specification of end-to-end protocols and interfaces between sub-systems and of the principles for operation and supervision of the communication system as well as dimensioning rules using traffic models. This deliverable from Task 3.5 will define the guideline to choose suitable technologies, and as first step, identify those used for the prototypes. In addition, a guideline for standardised technologies will be provided. The guideline will take into consideration the characterisation of radio features in urban and railway environments, taking into account the specific nature of these environments.

Selection of the “security-by-design” standard

This deliverable from Task 8.6 will provide a report describing the rationale for the selection of the “security-by-design” standard and its conclusion.

Project website

Setting up and going live of a public website for the project. It will be regularly updated with news and public deliverables and it contains restricted areas for shared content with key stakeholders (e.g. ERA, standardisation organisations, representative bodies and collaborating projects external to Shift2Rail).

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