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Microelectronics, telecommunication and controls developments


The MITELCO project will provide training for early stage researchers in the CERN Physics Department and provide them with innovative research opportunities in novel developments in microelectronics, telecommunication and control for future experiments. Early stage researchers will be closely supervised by internationally recognized experts, using state-of-the-art, and sometimes unique, equipment. Particular emphasis will be placed on direct, laboratory-based training. They will follow formal training courses in their specialized and related fields, and will be encouraged to attend a wide variety of other courses, colloquia and seminars. Work and training objectives will be clearly defined at the outset and regularly reviewed. The early stage trainees will b e integrated in a multidisciplinary, international environment and will acquire transferable skills, which are highly valued also outside academia. CERN's facilities, training capacities and research potential are well above its current ability to fund researchers who would like to work in the Laboratory. The opportunities provided by the EST scheme will allow more young researchers to be hosted, will extend CERN's training programmes to non-EU nationals, and enlarge the number of disciplines that can be funded. Special efforts will be made to ensure appropriate framework conditions and equal opportunity policies, within CERN's well-established administrative infrastructures.

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