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Decision supporting tools for implementation of cost-efficient railway noise abatement measures


Demonstration of railway noise auralisation in a multimedia studio

The results of the auralisation and visualization research will be demonstrated in a multimedia studio. The Deliverable describes the auralization synthesizer structure, the underlying physical model, the applied method to extract the relevant features from recordings/measurements and the validation of the synthesizer quality. The tools and methods to generate the visual information will be described and rated with respect to their applicability and versatility. The results of the listening tests carried out with the A&V demonstrator are described.

Overview of the results of the development of tools, models and methodologies for cost-efficient railway noise abatement

The overview summarizes the development of the tools and methodologies researched in DESTINATE. It consists of 3 parts. Part 1. Tool for cost-efficiency prediction of N&V mitigation actions under realistic conditions: The overview summarizes the findings of T3.1.1 and 3.1.2 and describes the models for calculation of cost effectiveness of railway N&V mitigation measures and the evaluation of impact of N&V mitigation measures. In addition, it describes the different traffic and operation condition scenarios to be taken into account, the costing method and the moments in the design and construction process where it applies, some of the actual cost of mitigation and control alternatives, the proposed weighting factors between interior and exterior noise, and one example where the method is applied to a virtual design case. Part 2. Framework for interior noise prediction: The overview describes the interior noise model developed in task 3.2. Part 3. Specification of methodologies for different types of sources and train sub-assemblies. Further development of methodologies: The overview specifies measurement methodologies for sources and sub-assemblies as a result of T3.3.

Overview of the validation of the developed tools, models and methodologies for cost-efficient railway noise abatement

The overview summarizes the validation activities and outcomes of DESTINATE. It contains three parts. 1. Overview of validation of cost-effective modelling tool for N&V mitigation measures: 2. Overview of the validation of the interior noise model: The overview describes the validation of the interior noise model including test procedure, main results of the measurements and the correlation between measurements and interior noise model. Recommendations to improve the methodology will also be included. 3. Overview of the validation of the source characterization methodology: The overview describes the validation of the source characterization methodology including test procedure, main results of the measurements and the correlation between measurements and sound source characterization. Recommendations to improve the methodology will be included as well.

Review on the results of the requirement analysis and assessment

The review comprises the requirements deduced in T2.1 – T2.4 and gives a critical overview of the investigated methodologies, techniques, models and technologies.

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