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Authentication and Authorisation For Research and Collaboration

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - AARC2 (Authentication and Authorisation For Research and Collaboration)

Reporting period: 2018-05-01 to 2019-04-30

AARCs's goal is to enable federated access for eScience collaboarations and to ensure that existing and new research infrastructures deploy interoperable authentication and authorisation infrastructures.

AARC2 enhances the AARC blueprint and the related framework policies to:

- Improve adoption of federated access – Promote federated access key aspects, leverage identity providers outside the academic boundaries and deliver training modules.
- Address eScience requirements – Enhance the blueprint architecture delivered in AARC1 to include authorisation aspects and to to provide a model where the research communities are the heart of the research collaboration. The two main principles driving AARC BPA 2018 are: (a) a user should be able to register once and be able to access and share any resources available within a specific collaboration and (b) a service provider should be able to connect it services to one point, if chooses to do so, and have its services available to any community that it supports.
- Offer support for global policies – Work on and sponsor the development of key policy frameworks that aim to make the AARC BPA more secure and expand eduGAIN as needed.
- Make results sustainable – Pilot results in production environments and ensure that pilots operations and, security and policy frameworks rest with r/e-infrastructures.
During the first year of the project AARC2 has delivered the following main results:

- Started AEGIS,

- 4 guidelines delivered as well as a process to ensure consistency and to assign a DOI- group membership, assurance information, LS AAI policy guidelines, unique identifier. Visit the for more information

- 1st version policy toolkit, research communities requirements and authorisation models for SPs

- GDRP guidance for research communities - See DNA3.1 deliverable

- 9 pilots with AARC r/communities started - see more at
AARC2 has a great impact on the way authentication and authorisation infrastructures are deployed today. One of the main impacts of AARC2 is to have standardised an architectural model that can be deployed by many research collaboartions. The results of AARC2 are already having an impact on the way how research infrastrucrues think about AAI and on other projects (i.e. EOSC pilot and EOSC Hub).