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High Integration of Research Monographs in the European Open Science infrastructure


NERD service and API

NERD service is running correctly on the platform servers, the API is appropriately used and annotations follow a minimum robustness for each application fields and the usage load.

Collaborative web platform

Collaborative web plateform for the internal communication of the project.

Deployable dashboard service as Open Source software (license to be agreed) including data aggregation, display

Dashboard built for partners to visualise and interrogate usage data from a variety of sources. The dashboard will be capable of displaying usage by country and other IP range selections for each book or identifier as appropriate.

Source code, open source licensing and documentation

Source code, open source licensing and documentation : INRIA gathers today the scientific and technical expertise around the (N)ERD service. INRIA will ensure that the service is available and running correctly on its servers for integration by the partners. If needed, adjustments of the service API and particular authentication mechanisms will be provided. INRIA will ensure that the API is appropriately used and that the resulting annotations follow quality criteria given the considered application fields. These criteria include accuracy and coverage of the produced annotations as explained in the validation section below, but also satisfactory response time under average loads, service disponibility and security. Regression tests and performance metrics will be regularly carried out by INRIA and communicated to the other partners.

Source code (via Github) and documentation

Source code and documentation on OAMetrics service development.

Source code (via Github) and documentation for metrics

Source code (via Github) and documentation for OA Metrics service development.

Technical specifications for annotation service

Identification of technical specifications to implement annotation service.

Classification system for peer review procedures

The classification system will be developed based on a classification of existing peer review practises. These existing practises are described by current members of the OAPEN Library and DOAB and will be reviewed alongside other review practises through a literature study. The classification system will be validated externally through a round of consultation among publishers and other stakeholders and - internally among project partners.

One research publication

One research publication on the academic potential for storing, sharing and reusing mass annotations, alongside a scoped service-independent implementation model for annotations

Provisional list of open licenses

Open licenses are defined as Creative Commons licenses or similar (allowing for similar usage rights). The list of open licenses will be drawn up on the basis of existing licenses in DOAB and other open licenses in use among academic publishers and institutions. The list of open licenses will be validated externally through a round of consultation among publishers and other stakeholders and internally among project partners. The list shall be regularly reviewed and updated.

Governance and quality assurance of service

Set up a governance and quality assurance structure to enable and maintain the certification service.

Minutes of the workshop on new sources of book metrics

Minutes of the workshop to explore and identify new sources of book metrics and plan for third parties to develop/provide these in future.

Report on post-publication open peer review experiment

Ubiquity Press is already using annotation on 40 peer-reviewed journals. In 2016, OpenEdition achieved in OpenAire2020 a successful experiment on using annotation layer for open peer review of articles in Vertigo Journal. The experiment opened possibilities to extend the project to academic books in similar conditions. In this task, OpenEdition will identify publishers to participate to the experiment, activate the open annotation pane on a selection of books of different types (monographs, edited books) and engage potential reviewers and authors to use annotations to build a scientific conversation with strong support. Comparison will be made with the previous experiment and Ubiquity Press journals usage of OPR. The experiment output will be disseminated in a report and publication.

Certification service implemented at partner level

Implementation of the certification service on the platforms.

Metrics service: possibilities for hosting and future maintenance including outline costing

The report describes the options for all the metrics services and includes: local hosting by individual HIRMEOS partners, third party hosting on generic Shiny hosting services (with an annual fee dependent on QoS guarantees), or if appropriate by an individual HIRMEOS partner.

Reporting on T 7.4

Reporting on M15, M30 on T 7.4 T7.4 Alignment and exploitation [Fostering and strengthening communication with network of key stakeholders and scientific communities (with special focus on fields with low Open Science uptake)] (Lead: UGOE, contributing: UniTO, DARIAH-EU, MWS, EKT, and all partners, duration: M7-30)

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