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Continuous Security and Privacy-by-Design Mechanisms – Early Release

Prototype of the early release of the UNICORN security and privacy by design mechanisms.

Cloud Governance Mechanisms – Early Release

Prototype of the early release of the monitoring and analysis service, the auto scaling service, the decision making service and the execution agent.

UNICORN Libraries, IDE Plugin, Container Packaging and Deployment Toolset – Early Release

Prototype of the early release of the UNICORN Libraries, IDE Plugin, Container Packaging and Deployment Tool Components.

Standardization Activities Report

Report on the standardization activities. Interim Version at M18

Validation Results, Performance Evaluation and Adoption Guidelines

The deliverable will document the evaluation results gathered from the execution of the UNICORN validation scenarios that will be performed based on the evaluation criteria from heterogeneous user communities It will contain an analysis of the data that has been captured during the execution of the validation scenarios with the aim of providing the partners with useful feedback regarding optimizations that have to be performed This deliverable will also document the methodology and adoption guidelines for the European software industry regarding the deployment of the UNICORN results in new and existing software solutions

UNICORN Reference Architecture

Documentation of the overall architecture describing the main components and artifacts of UNICORN, the interconnection scheme and the specific interfaces for exchange of information among them will be designed and described in detail.

Evaluation Framework and Demonstrators Planning

Documentation of the evaluation framework and validation methodology, defining the various practices for recording feedback from the demonstration activities and including a set of test-cases to be executed by the demonstrator partners. Moreover, documentation of the set of scenarios that will run during each demonstrator, including the evaluation indicators and the overall time plan; as well as a fully detailed documentation manual for the operation of the demonstrators.

Project Impact Assessment

Report on the qualitative and quantitative impact assessment of the project's activities.

Stakeholders Requirements Analysis

Documentation of the clear and basic functional, non-functional and technical requirements that will guide the development of the IT components of UNICORN.

Communication Activities Report

Report on communication activities. Interim Version M18

Dissemination, Clustering and Workshop Activities Report

Report documenting the dissemination, clustering and workshop organization activities as well as the CA-IFG related activities. Interim Version at month M18

Publishable Final Report

Publishable version of the final report on the achievements of the project.

Data Management Plan

Describes how the consortium will handle their data both during the course of UNICORN, and after the project is completed.

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