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Transfer the real 3D world to interactive creative endeavours in apparel industry


Whereas the manufacturing and distribution of apparel has advanced in past years with the application of new CAM and ITC technologies, the design process is still very traditional. Sketching ideas, creating story boards, draping, and developing technical drawings (also known as technical sketches) are just some of the tasks that are still being done either in the old-fashioned way or with the aid of digital tools, most of which are spinoff uses of technologies developed for other industries, and not adapted to the necessities of the creative apparel industry.
At the same time, there are emerging technologies that could reduce the timing and the cost of the design process, such as 3D scanners and 3D sketching tools. New low cost 3D scanners have indeed appeared in the market, and could allow a real customization of the clothes design. Moreover, libraries of 3D realistic avatars adapted to the target population of a new clothing collection will be a great improvement for mass production. Theoretically, a designer could sketch the design over the avatar of a customer, or over a realistic avatar that represents a target population. Sketching designs over real 3D bodies allows the visualization of designs in real dimensions, improves communication between the creative team, and reduce misunderstandings in the following steps (e.g. pattern making, manufacturing, etc.). The realistic visualization of the designs has many advantages:
1) Elimination of manual tasks.
2) Improvement of the communication between designers and decision takers (the managers that approve the design for manufacturing). The realistic visualization reduces misunderstandings and failures.
3) Better cost analysis.
InKreate expects to improve the apparel design process using low cost 3D scanners and 3D sketching tools.

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