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MAGnetic nanoparticle based liquid ENergy materials for Thermoelectric device Applications


High temperature MTD measurements device

The present experimental device at CNRS will be largely improved to perform thermodiffusion measurements in a wider temperature range of interest for magneto-thermoelectric applications. An improvement of the sample environment and of the optical index measurements will be made.

‘Molecular descriptors’ database for IL/ IL-FFs

A virtual database of ILs (at least 5000) will be built according to similarities in molecular structures and the resulting physical properties among them. The results will be used in the screening of first generation ILs (WP2). Molecular descriptors for 'hypothetical' IL-FF will describe the relationship between the structure. This will aid selecting suitable IL-FF for WP5 and WP3.

Database on MTD property in IL-FFs

Multiple types of IL-FF will be studied for their MTD behavior to help determine the suitable candiates for thermoelectric and magneto-TE applications in WP5. A databse on MTD dependence on the nature of the MNP surface coatings (small ions or surfactants), size, concentration and the effect of temperature and magnetic field will be made.

Report on single MNPs/FF structures (numerical)

The report will contain microscopic and macroscopic characteristics of the (MNPs) and the clusters of MNPs inside the FF that will influence their TE and TM behaviour studied via Monte Carlo simulations.

Data Management Plan

Task 7.3: Data Management –CTECH, CEA Data Management Plan (DMP) will describe MAGENTA’s policy on how each participant will manage his/her research data generated and/or collected during the project. The types of data, the open-access requirement and exception rules, the standards to be used, the method for data protection and preservation are outlined in Section 2.2 a). The DMP will be defined within the first six months of the project and will be updated at the mid-term and final project reviews, and at any time in between whenever a change in consortium policies are made, or new data become available.

Database on MTE performance

Similar to D3.2, a large number of IL-FFs will be investigated for their TE and MTE properties as a function of MNP and the fluid properties, and ranked according to their performance. Further, the database will contain the TE dependence on external factors such as redox couple types, electrode materials.

Database on TCS performance

Il-FFs without redox couples will be studied for their TCS capability. The capacitance and the power output of these IL-FFs will be sorted in a database according to their fluid characteristics.

Workshop_Technical day

Workshops/Technical Day organisation: The 1-day event is to be organized in conjunction with one of the consortium meetings to present MAGENTA’s concepts, results and application possibilities. Researchers, teachers, and graduate students inside and outside of the project will be invited to attend. (Month 30)

Website development the project logo

Task 7.1: Project websites (public and private) and logo –CTECH MAGENTA websites (private and public) will contain material contributed by all partners. A private website will be accessible only to the project partners and dedicated to managing the internal flow of information as a part of management tool (WP0). The public website will inform the wider community of the aims of MAGENTA and will include dissemination material.

Project management plan

Project management plan (including Risk registry, IP policy, dissemination plan) will include: • Organize project implementation: define procedures and management tools including “risk register.” • Organize monthly video-meetings among board members for project review, conflict mitigation, etc. • Organize bi-annual consortium meeting with a larger body of consortium members. • Oversee timely completion of deliverable and milestones, and provide logistic support by facilitating communications among partners and with EU. • Coordinate financial issues: distribute funds according to the consortium agreement, create and maintain financial records, coordinate and follow-up cost statements by all partners. • Coordinate administrative issues: maintain contractual documents and internal documents, oversee document production and archive

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