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Real Time 3D Motion Graphics Studio for Creative Music Industry SMEs


Dissemination Implementation Plan

Will guide the implementation of the dissemination strategy described in section 2.2a. The plan will be subject to revision and will detail all dissemination methods and quantified key performance indicators for each method.

Project Implementation Manual and Quality Control Plan

Description of all performance norms, management policies and procedures, roles and responsibilities, risk and contingency plans, conflict resolution mechanisms.

Report on Communication and Dissemination Year 1 and Plan for Year 2

A collection of all the activities undertaken in terms of dissemination within the project framework and a plan of activities for the second year of VisualMusic

Commercial exploitation and Business Plan Strategy Baseline

The commercial exploitation strategy baseline which will guide the business planning process.

User Requirements Definition

The result of task T2.2, following a program of consultations with the creative industry partners, UNIPD, will detail a range of user requirements which will feed into the VisualMusic studio specification.

VisualMusic User Documentation

This deliverable will include all documentation necessary for the user: user manual, installation manual, self-calibration and maintenance manual and Frequently Asked Questions.

Data Management Plan

This document determines the different typology of data that is being generated within the project and the general policy of data management to be followed.

VisualMusic Validation Plan

This deliverable will the methodology to be used to measure the user acceptance and the functional completeness and correctness of VisualMusic in the project framework. This will include how the technology will be used, in which program types, the questionnaires and templates for data collecting, number of technicians involved in each centre, its profile, etc.

Commercial Impact Advisory Group Composition and Management Plan

This deliverable will document the consortium’s approach to managing and extending the CIAG. It will include a list of initial members, the MoU which members will sign and the activities to be carried out by the CIAG during the course of the project.

Validation Phase Test Results

Periodic validation and test reports will be generated in order to continuously refine the VisualMusic system in work package 5. This deliverable will document the results of the validation phase in three stages. The methodology will be designed in taking into account the need of generating feedback in different stages to optimise the refining process. It will be due end of every month of the validation phase and will be the responsibility of partner UNIPD in collaboration with users SRP, SEN, VER and ALA.

Project Website

Establish end of month 3 and will be the responsibility of partner BRA.

Open Day Workshops

4 workshops at each of the 4 user centres following validation in month 17. The organisation of each workshop and production of workshop report will be the responsibility of end user partners, (SRP, SEN, VER and ALA).

On line Community Development

This deliverable is a progress report documenting the composition, expansion and nature of interactions in the dedicated VisualMusic On-line Community.

Report on Communication and Dissemination Year 2

Promotional activities as outlined in the dissemination strategy in section 2.2 will be reported on as part of the Periodic Progress Report.

Industry Fair Programme Activity and Road Show Updates

The conference programme at proposal stage includes the annual programme of events around the world at which partners have an active involvement. This programme will be extended to take account of other partner activities and will be documented in the Dissemination Implementation Plan (D6.1).

Bi-annual Newsletter

The newsletter will provide information on project progress and will be circulated to stakeholders through the on line community and at various other events where appropriate. The newsletter will be due at end of months 6/12/18.

User Consultation Protocol and Tools

As detailed above in task T2.1, this deliverable will document the work carried out in identifying stakeholder groups and detail the consultation methods and tools to be used during this first stage of the project.

VisualMusic Player

This deliverable will describe the integration works and the final results of the VisualMusic Player developments. If will list all the tool capabilities and will describe the configuration and use of each of them, providing screen shoots and explanations of each part of the interface and obtained results on the render display.

VisualMusic Online Marketplace

The VisualMusic marketplace will provide content developers with a platform for trading content and interacting with users.

VisualMusic Commercial Release

The final commercial system, including software, hardware and documentation will be generated at the end of the project. The product, will be then ready to be introduced in the market for an immediate commercial exploitation.

VisualMusic Modules

This deliverable will describe the developments and functionalities achieved on the different modules integrating the VisualMusic player. It will also describe the VisualMusic Scene Extractor Plug-in in terms of developments and functionalities. As each module will include a simple interface, the first explanation of their use and capabilities will be contained here. This will be the responsibility of partner BRA with involvement from UPV and SRP.

VisualMusic Studio Specifications

As detailed in Task T2.4, this report will detail the Virtual Studio specifications based on the user requirements and which will feed into the adaptation process in work package 3.

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