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Functional Genomics of Transcriptional Regulation in Bacilli


The present proposal concerns a training and mobility grant for Dr. Silvia Zorrilla, a recent doctoral graduate in Spain, to work in the Centre de Biochimie Strucutrale in Montpellier France on the dynamic and thermodynamic aspects of the structure-function relationships in transcription regulation of Bacilli. It builds on results of a European grant (BIO4-CT95-0278) entitled Systematic function analysis of the Bacillus subtilis genes, the main objective of which was to analyze the function of unknown genes discovered by sequencing of B. subtilis chromosome. Among a large number of functional determinations, several transcriptional regulatory factors were identified in this genomic study, but their biochemical, biophysical and structural characterization has yet to be carried out. Crucial to a detailed understanding of their function is the determination of the stoichiometry, energetics and structural dynamics of these protein-nucleic acid complexes as they relate to regulation. State of the art innovative fluorescence approaches will be used in the characterization of the thermodynamics and structural dynamics of these systems. In the host laboratory, the Centre de Biochimie Structurale in Montpellier, France, structural studies are currently being carried ou t in parallel with the biophysical studies proposed here. The combination of the structural and biophysical studies will greatly enhance our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of the function of these transcriptional regulatory proteins. This mobility will enhance Dr. Zorrilla's training and will broaden her perspectives both in structural biology and in microbiology. At the end of this training period she will become an independent researcher considered expert in fluorescence spectroscopy. Moreover, the broad perspectives inherent in this project will allow her to conceive her future research goals in a global manner.

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