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Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering


Requirements engineering is a key activity in ICT projects: What are current user needs and what requirements satisfy them? How much effort would a requirement cost and in which release should it be delivered? Which requirements can be reused from similar projects? Are there hidden dependencies or inconsistencies? What trade-offs are acceptable for users and other stakeholders? A satisfactory, efficient answer to these questions is essential for the success for nowadays software projects.
OPENREQ leverages modern recommender algorithms, semantic technologies and data-mining to provide intelligent, proactive support for stakeholders survey alternatives and make individual or group decisions. OPENREQ focuses on complex, community-driven ICT projects with various dependencies and stakeholders as in the Telecom, Transportation, and Cross-Platform-Software domain covered in our trials.
We will develop, evaluate and disseminate a fully integrated open-source requirements management platform and a set of connectors with the following decision-making capabilities:
Requirements Intelligence: monitors the actual software usage, collects stakeholders’ and users’ feedback (e.g. from social media), aggregates and visualizes this information as predictive analytics.
Stakeholder’s Personal Recommender: implements advanced recommendation and machine-learning algorithms to assist requirements work, improve a requirement’s quality, estimate its properties or predict relevant stakeholders.
Group Decision Support: enables the stakeholders’ participation, the resolution of preference conflicts, and the identification of consensus, e.g. during release planning.
Dependency Management: semi-automatically identifies requirements dependencies, supports requirements reasoning and reuse of requirements knowledge.
With the OPENREQ Interfaces, these capabilities will be integrated into stakeholders’ workflows and tools including requirements tools, issues trackers and collaboration tools.

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