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PJ07 Optimised Airspace Users Operations


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Optimal Delay Allocation under High Flexibility Conditions during Demand-Capacity Imbalance

Author(s): Sergio Ruiz, Laurent Guichard, Nadine Pilon
Published in: 2017

Minimizing the Cost of Delay for Airspace Users

Author(s): Stephen Kirby, Nadine Pilon
Published in: 2017

Improved Flexibility and Equity for Airspace Users During Demand-capacity Imbalance

Author(s): Nadine Pilon, Andrew Cook, Sergio Ruiz, Lorenzo Castelli
Published in: 2016

Reducing Impact of Delays using Airspace User-Driven Flight Prioritisation, User Driven Prioritisation Process Validation Simulation and Result”, SESAR Innovation Days, Athens

Author(s): Nadine Pilon, Laurent Guichard, Katherine Cliff
Published in: 2019

A New Air Traffic Flow Management User-Driven Prioritisation Process for Low Volume Operator in Constraint: Simulations and Results

Author(s): Sergio Ruiz, Laurent Guichard, Nadine Pilon, Kris Delcourte
Published in: Journal of Advanced Transportation, Issue 2019, 2019, Page(s) 1-21, ISSN 0197-6729
DOI: 10.1155/2019/1208279

European SESAR validation activity on the trajectory development in a collaborative environment with AUs and Flow Managers in the context of FF-ICE/1

Author(s): Isabelle Luxembourg, Gerard Mavoian, Kim Breivik
Published in: 2019

European SESAR evaluation activity on FF-ICE/1 services

Author(s): Gerard Mavoian, Kim Breivik, Philippe Leplae, Isabelle Luxembourg
Published in: 2019