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European Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence in ChiNA


Report on Pilot Stage Service Provision

Document describing and assesing the achievements of the centre during months 13 to 24 of the project

Report on Full operational phase service provision

Document describing and assessing the Centre's achievement during months 25 to 36 of the project.

Impact Assessment Report

Based on a survey with the stakeholders, the Impact Assessment Report will provide a general overview of the external impact of ERICENA.

Info pack

A set of guidelines to be used as supporting documents for meetings, internal communication mechanisms, technical and financial execution of an Horizon 2020 project (in particular regarding reporting, financial aspects and dissemination of results) issues, as well as standard templates for reporting and for communication to be used by all partners.

Services Brochure

Detailed porftolio of activities provided by the Centre in favor of its potential clients.

Branding kit

Based on the defined DCM plan, templates will be developed for websites and promotional material. These materials will be provided in Chinese and English when necessary, in order to reach and raise awareness to potential clients.

Organisation model

This deliverable intends to develop all organizational and management aspects needed for the Centre to start operating and to reach a full scale implementation.

Operational mapping

Identification of tangible and intangible resources for the initial operation of the Centre (Headquarters), such as human resources, equipment, room, furniture, consumables, materials, etc.

Final Dissemination, Communication and Marketing Plan

Elaboration of the Dissemination, Communication and Marketing (DCM) plan, establishing a final database of clients. This will be reviewed once a year during the project’s lifetime.

Contingency Plan

Document containing measures and recommendations to avoid risks, to handle risks and to adopt appropriate countermeasures.

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