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Environmentally best practices and optmisation in hydraulic fracturing for shale gas/oil development


Experimental input parameters

The mean value and probability distribution functions of all input parameters for thecomputational model will be provided

Model validation

Completion of all validation simulation and transfer of the results for the UQ. The results of the UQ should be available at month 44, see WP2.

Frame of database FRACDESP

Content frame of the platform FRACDESP and standards of data

Software verification

Verication of all computational models: The open-source software will be made publicly available.

First implementation of FRACDESP

Initial implementation of data share platform

Experimental results

Results of all laboratory element tests and onsite data for the validation will be made available and included in the database

Information on websites

Information of the project is available at all websites of the partners

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Mechanical performance of fractal-like cementitious lightweight cellular structures: Numerical investigations

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