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A molecular fuel modifier for ships able to reduce the costs related to fuel and maintenance for fleet operators.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - GreenDrive (A molecular fuel modifier for ships able to reduce the costs related to fuel and maintenance for fleetoperators.)

Reporting period: 2016-08-01 to 2016-11-30

Ship owners currently face a number of significant problems affecting them day-to-day. Ships spend a huge amount on fuel. In 2012, the commercial shipping industry spent $186B on fuel. Moreover, poor quality heavy bunker oil damages ships, reducing the lifetime of the on-board fuel equipment and engines. GreenDrive is a molecular fuel modifier that helps to solve this problem, by reducing the amount of fuel consumed. This has the benefit of lowering ship owners' operational costs and also reduces maintenance costs that would otherwise be incurred because of damage to equipment. In addition to the economic benefits, GreenDrive reduces harmful emissions into the atmosphere, thereby helping to create a healthier society.

The overall project objective is to demonstrate the manufacturability of the MVP and run a pilot with 10 ships using the GreenDrive device, validating its core benefits and disseminating the results among key stakeholders and potential clients.
During the Feasibility Study, Ecomfm have been able to establish a more refined MVP, better define their objectives and propose an effective and straightforward product development plan to achieve them. The company has also identified and contacted key partners to complete their objectives and bring a qualified fuel molecular modifier to market within two years. Ecomfm also conducted a more extensive market research, identifying the most significant markets where GreenDrive could be applied and they defined their main customer segments. With the confirmation of Ecomfm’s customer segments, a clear commercialization plan and business model have been proposed that is scalable and also intended to motivate rapid adoption by customers.
GreenDrive is an innovative molecular fuel modifier to reduce liquid hydrocarbon fuel (diesel, fuel oil) consumption. The device is applicable on all combustion engines and can therefore be installed on trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, military machines, locomotives, boats and ships, as well as diesel generators and boiler stations. Results from GreenDrive have been confirmed and demonstrated in laboratories and operational testing, whilst alternative modifiers such as magnetic and electromagnetic modifiers have yet to be extensively tested under laboratory conditions and there is no reliable feedback on the results of their use, bringing doubt to their claims.