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Promoting Sustainable Freight Transport in Urban Contexts: Policy and Decision-Making Approaches


Implementation methodologies

Report about practical implementation of decision support methodologies for freight transport planning in real-world contexts

Feasibility study

Specification and feasibility study for the software implementation of a decision support tool for urban freight transport planners

Stakeholders' Engagement - Applications

Report about the application of stakeholders’ engagement techniques for urban freight transport planning in real-world contexts

Stakeholders' Engegement Methods

Methodological report about stakeholders’ engagement techniques for urban freight transport planning, policy- and decision-making

Policy Briefs

Each seconded researcher must produce a policy brief outlining the main issues of the academic paper in a policy- making perspective so to provide policy recommendations. A policy brief will also be issued to spell out the results of the whole project.

Best Practice Review

Report comparing current local authority approaches to urban freight planning and identifying best practice approaches

Follow-up Plan

Specific activities will be devoted to the development of follow-up plans in order to come up with ideas and concrete proposals aimed at extending the collaboration and promote further joint projects. Follow-up plans will also see the inclusion of further partners in further countries. A final report about follow-up plans will be produced.

Progress report

A report will detail the status of the network in the first year, describing the undertaken activities and the progress towards objectives and deliverables.

Academic Papers

Each seconded researcher will produce one academic paper and submit it to an ISI or SCOPUS ranked journal.

Review on DSS

Report reviewing current decision support systems (DSS) and methodologies for freight transport planning and their adaptability in multi-stakeholders contexts.

Final Event

The final meeting of the network will be organized in Rome in the form of an international conference/workshop around the theme: “The Transition Towards Sustainable City Logistics: Issues and Perspectives”.

Mid-Term Project Meeting

A mid-term review meeting (to be held at the end of month 18 in Gothenburg) will be attended by representatives from each participating partner. A target of 3 leading experts in Sustainable Freight Transport (both from academia and industry, not included in the network) will be invited to this meeting, in order to present to them the initial results of the research activity and get valuable feedback.

Intensive School

An intensive 3-day school on Urban Freight Transport and City Logistics will be organised (during the reflection period of phase 3 in months 19-24). Involved researchers will attend these events, along with researchers and practitioners from partner organisations and early career researchers from outside the network (to disseminate the reach of the project outcomes to date); the intensive school opportunities will be advertised at relevant conferences and through appropriate academic networks. Invitations will be made to a number of world-leading scholars in the field of city logistics in order to provide additional training on cutting-edge research.

Project Website

A project website will be created. It will be endowed with blogging functionality of easy accessibility and navigability. It will be updated regularly with events, results and production will be uploaded. The website will be linked to every partners' webpage.

Conference Panel

The network will sponsor a project-related panel at two major conferences (to be chosen among Logistics Research Network; International Symposium on Logistics; International Conference on City Logistics; EURO Working Group on Transportation). This will help to disseminate the research findings to the academic community on a larger scale

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