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Chatgrape. The world’s most advanced team chat meets enterprise search.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Chatgrape (Chatgrape. The world’s most advanced team chat meets enterprise search.)

Reporting period: 2016-09-01 to 2016-11-30

GRAPE integrates with company software, custom databases, fileservers and cloud services. We have developed smart technology to accelerate the browsing process, and integrated browsing options within the chat to access external sources such as Wikipedia, Spotify and Giphy.
To bring GRAPE to the next level, our objectives in this ChatGrape project are to include speech act detection into our chats in four languages (German, English, French and Spanish) that will allow easy-to-use and more efficient communication. In addition, we will prepare for future roll out by executing a GRAPE pilot involving multiple clients from the four regions (DACH, UK, France and Spain). The pilot will be supported by the development of new integrations of GRAPE with the participants´ management software as well as an intuitive, functioning user interface. This set of new features will provide us sufficient competitive edge to exploit GRAPE across Europe.
We have verified the technical feasibility of ChatGrape with ÖFAI, an Austrian expert in the field of natural language processing and concluded that the development of Speech Act Detection in 4 languages is feasible. We have performed a market analysis, concluding that the market is positioned at the early adoption phase with a huge potential, especially in the enterprise market. We contacted various potential stakeholders whose involvement is of crucial importance and verified their willingness to collaborate in a pilot. We mapped the risks and barriers for both the project and GRAPE. We have prepared a work plan and assessed the financial feasibility of ChatGrape, indicating a positive outlook.
Our target clients are modern and innovative mid-size and large enterprises (>500 employees), operating primarily in the sectors of media, technology and business services, within a $15 Billion overall market (2015). After the project, GRAPE roll-out is foreseen in the DACH region, UK, France and Spain until 2021. Our sales forecasts predict €10.5 Million of annual sales revenues by 2023.
GRAPE is expected to result in a reduction of search times of 57% per file lookup and communication times of 24% in comparison to e-mail communication. For Europe, GRAPE offers a European-based counterpart to the Facebooks, Slacks, and Googles, which will have significant benefits both on profit, employment, and data privacy.