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Functionality by Structure

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - FAST (Functionality by Structure)

Reporting period: 2016-07-01 to 2016-12-31

Until now, nanostructures are restricted to few sophisticated high value areas such as the semiconductor industry where products are made in highly specialized materials like silicon, glass and even more exotic semiconducting materials. In the FAST technology, NILT combines nanostructures with high-volume manufacturing for low-cost manufacturing of plastic products. This technology address a need in market areas ranging from packaging, optics, automotive, toys and medical devices.
The result of the feasibility study has strengthen NILTs understanding of the FAST technology, the high-volume manufacturing industry and the markets for plastic components. The business opportunity is increasingly relevant which have led NILT to the conclusion to up-scale focus on the technology development, establishment of production-line and marketing activities.
In the feasibility study, focus is on the application for decoration of plastic items, NILTdeco, as this application is the most mature and closest to commercialization. The decoration application and its corresponding market segment and competing solutions has been analyzed during the FAST project. Other applications of the technology, which are farther from market launch, will still be pursued, as the market size are expected to be larger.
The objective of the feasibility study was to develop a business plan and go-to market strategy which identifies the key activities, the required network, the revenue model and need for investments to enable full commercialization of the technology. This goal has been achieved.
One of the major results of the feasibility study is an application for SME phase 2 describing the strategy and plan for expansion of the FAST technology.
The project has enabled NILT to progress beyond state of the art in terms for technological development, market knowhow and business development. NILT believes that the FAST technology has the potential to create growth and work places in the European industry within nanotechnology, tool manufacturing and injection moulding industry.