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Development of Electromechanical Actuators and Electronic control Units for Flight Control Systems

Periodic Reporting for period 3 - EMA4FLIGHT (Development of Electromechanical Actuators and Electronic control Units for Flight Control Systems)

Reporting period: 2019-04-01 to 2020-08-31

EMA4FLIGHT Project aims to design, develop, manufacture and validate optimized and reliable innovative Electro-Mechanical Actuators (EMAs), and their dedicated Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for aileron/spoiler flight control surfaces actuation and for winglet/flap-tab surfaces actuation. These Motor, ballscrew and mechanical parts/ECU sub-systems will be, in the future, boarded onto FTB2 Regional Aircraft IADP for their in-flight validation. The development of electromechanical actuation systems for aircrafts will help to achieve the objectives set by ACARE for the aeronautics industry as they will reduce the weight of the aircrafts enabling a consumption reduction. The designed sub-systems will be improved by electric motor and ballscrew innovative architecture, advanced control strategies and smart safety, diagnostic and maintenance functions.
During the first, second and third periods of the Project the most relevant results of the developments are:
• Aileron/Spoiler sub-system:
- Preliminary ECU, Motor and Ballscrew design.
- ECU hardware software plans and standards for RTCA-DO254 and RTCA-DO178.
- Back up SHA under manufacturing.
- HW ECU, Motor and Ballscrew ATP definition.
- Motor and Ballscrew QTP definition.
- Critical Motor and Ballscrew design (CDR).
- A/S ECU CDR prototype version has been accepted by the TM.
- Manufacturing developed of 3 prototypes of the 5 PCBs of A/S ECU HW.
- Work in progress in the testing activities to perform the preliminary validation of PCBs first set of A/S ECU HW, by Tecnalia.
- ECU SW High Level Requirements specifications, architectural and detailed design and detailed external interfaces.
- Coding of the ECU SW.
- SW ECU design status review including industrialization information.
- It has been generated the first version of the low-level requirements for the A/S ECU SW. Review in progress.
- It has been coded the first version of the A/S ECU SW and integrated it in the development board.
- It has started the development of unitary tests for the A/S ECU SW.
- GMV has fixed several bugs in the A/S ECU SW detected during the implementation of the unitary tests.
- GMV has being working in the adaptation of the A/S ECU SW in order to make easier its integration in the production board.
- A/S Ballscrew and motor ATP has been reviewed and accepted by UMBRA and the TM in September 2019.
- ATP has been performed on all motors manufactured and related documentation was prepared.
- ATP has been performed on two ballscrew assemblies manufactured and related documentation was prepared.
- All the Manufacturing routes developed and agreed with the TM.
- 18 out of 27 SNs of mechanical parts have been delivered to the TM.
- COTS purchased and delivered to the TM (resolvers and LVDTs).
- SHA Aileron units delivered to TM.
- Feel Units delivered to TM.
- Manufacturing of all mechanical parts of motor and ballscrews
- ATP of the first unit of ball screw and motor.
• Winglet/Flap tab sub-system:
- ECU preliminary design.
- ECU plans and standards for RTCA-DO254.
- Flab tab EMA’s selected.
- ECU critical design.
- 2 ECU Functional Prototypes Manufacturing.
- EMA/ ECU integration.
- EMA/ ECU Functional Tests execute.
- Flap tab sub-system has been redesigned to comply with the new requirements. At 2019/12/31 the schematics design has been completed.
- Manufacturing of 12 units of Flap-tab ECU has been finished.
- Eight (8) ECU units have been produced and sent to the TM facility for laboratory test rig integration.
The new actuation systems will help the reduction of emissions of the aircrafts due to the reduction on the overall weight of the aircraft, therefore, contributing to reach the goals set by ACARE for the aeronautic industry in 2050. The developed ECU, motor and ballscrews for aileron spoiler subsystems and the flap tab and winglet ECU will contribute to weight savings and therefore, to a greener aviation.
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