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Development of innovative automated fibre placement machine for composite fuselage manufacturing with high performance hybrid materials

Project description

A new approach to aircraft fuselage manufacturing

This is a ground-breaking initiative poised to reshape the aviation industry. The EU-funded SMART-LAYUP project aims to transform the manufacturing process of regional aircraft composite fuselages. Focussed on reducing production costs and streamlining operations, the project will bring forth an advanced process of automated lay-up using hybrid materials. Specifically, the project will lay the foundations of this innovative process, with cutting-edge machinery to be meticulously developed and validated. Following this crucial phase, the next step is the validation of the process and an assessment of the associated costs. Overall, the SMART-LAYUP project promises a revolutionary approach to aircraft manufacturing. The project is expected to emerge as the catalyst for change in this dynamic field.


SMART-LAYUP activities described in the present proposal will contribute to develop and validate an advanced process of hybrid materials automated lay-up for manufacturing of regional aircraft composite fuselage which allows a significant reduction of the overall production costs and manufacturing flow. After a developmental phase to be performed at MTORRES site, the innovative process and related machine will be validated and costs assessed through the execution of dedicated lay-up tests and fabrication of fuselage demonstrators at Topic Manager plant.


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€ 396 075,00
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08290 Cerdanyola del valles (barcelona)

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