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Greenrail, innovative and sustainable railway sleepers: the greener solution for railway sector


Dissemination Report and Organization of Greenrail Day

"The Dissemination report aims at sharing the development of the project. In order to facilitate this activity a ""Greenrail day"" has been planned. The report will be updated at month 12."

Creation of official calendar and report of events/fairs

The creation of an official calendar has been planned in order to facilitate the organization and financial management of the external events and fairs. It will be updated at month 24 also.

Creation of media kits

The main objective of 'media kits' is to share easier the knowledge of Greenrail.

Copies of communication materials

The main objective is to create communication media in order to provide the mass media with all the useful means to communicate the project. The copies of communication media will be updated at month 6, month 12 and month 24.

Report on the communication activities (web and not web)

The Report will include the main communication activities will be implemented during the whole project. The activities will be divided in two categories: website and not website activities. The main objective of these activities is to communicate in the best and easy way the project.

Results of demonstration activities- Field test of Greenrail Basic

After the field test of Greenrail Basic will be provided a Report with the demonstration activities data.

Report of the Launch Meeting

This report will summarize the Launch meeting providing informations and details about the implementation of the project.

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