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Synchrotron Miniaturization enabling Innovative Laboratory Equipment in soft x-ray tomography.


D3.2: Demo Sample Holder

Cryo-sample holder that is suitable for porting the cryo-sample from the sample prep table to a Fluorescence Imaging QC station and then to the soft x-ray microscope.

D2.4: Assembly & Test

Constructed SXT100-Pilot system with target 2D test sample imaging time <30 seconds

D3.3: Demo Inline Fluorescence Microscope

Inline fluorescence microscope to allow pre-screening of cryo sample while in-situ in the soft x-ray microscope

D7.5 PR

Press Release to disseminate knowledge of Project SMILE and the contribution of the EU.

D7.3: Website

Add information on SMILE-SXT as well as on case studies of SXT to the SiriusXT website

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