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An innovative 3D content generation solution for digital artists

Periodic Reporting for period 2 - ArtomatixSuite (An innovative 3D content generation solution for digital artists)

Reporting period: 2017-10-01 to 2018-09-30

Artomatix Limited is the World’s leading company in Creative Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to 3D. Founded in 2012 as a Trinity College spin-out and registered in 2014, the Company addresses the needs of the rapidly growing 3D industry by developing the world’s first smart tools for artists, utilizing advances in machine learning to provide the Artomatix Suite, a powerful 3D content creation solution. The Company is built upon a strong technological expertise and vision provided by Dr. Eric Risser as well as an ever-growing IP portfolio.

Artomatix is on a mission to democratize 3D content creation by building the world’s first Art Engine. Much the way game engines solve the challenges surrounding the creation of 3D worlds and virtual experiences, the Art Engine is poised to solve creative & artistic challenges. Powered by AI and designed around the needs of professionals and hobbyists alike, the Art Engine will be the foundation of the next generation of creative content tools. This Unique Value Proposition implies that 3D content creation will become easier, faster, better & cheaper:
+ Easier: By automating the tedious & the mundane aspects of 3D content creation, Artomatix offers a better experience for its users
+ Faster: From the creation of textures to their application, from the creation of 3D meshes to the generation of open 3D worlds: assets will be created & customized to the style of the production in a small fraction of the time a human would need to perform the same tasks
+ Better: Artomatix empowers artists by automating the tedious, repetitive and time consuming jobs. Artists are left with the time and energy to focus on highly creative tasks
+ At a fraction of the cost: By automatically creating variants of 3D assets provided by an artist, the Artomatix technology enables studios to benefit from cost savings in hardware, outsourcing, software, etc.

To realize its vision, Artomatix will focus on three main value propositions:
+ First, become the solution for scan-based workflows
+ Second, enable content recycling
+ Then, fully automated 3D worlds creation
Since October 2016, Artomatix has engaged in actions to manage the Artomatix Suite project (WP1), research, design & develop the Artomatix Suite (WP2) and prepare to bring the Artomatix Suite to market (WP3).

Artomatix has engaged in actions to manage the Artomatix Suite project (WP1):
+ Establish the project coordination structure: Artomatix board acts as the steering committee, comprised of Dr. Collins, Dr. Risser, J. Blake and J. Lewis
+ Advisory Board: Dr. Corazza, j. Huikku & Prof. Barnes act as advisory board, particularly regarding research
+ Hire the project personnel: Artomatix has built a team comprised of 18 people to deliver on the Artomatix Suite project, including a new CEO and VP of Engineering
+ Rent office space: Artomatix acquired three rooms totalling 135 sq m with a 25 employees capacity
+ Hold weekly project management meetings: Artomatix’s agile structure allows flexible development and trackable progress
+ Hold Steering Committee meetings: Artomatix’s board has been meeting every 6 weeks, driving the company strategy & ensuring the swift development of the Artomatix Suite
+ Write mid-term technical & financial reports: such reports have been prepared, ensuring that the project was in line with initial plans

Artomatix has engaged in actions to research, design & develop the Artomatix Suite (WP2):
+ Research the Artomatix technology: Artomatix made all the research tied to the features of the Artomatix Suite, resulting in proofs-of-concept for all features
+ Research market needs: Artomatix has assessed market needs, ensuring the delivery of a user-centric set of products
+ Create the architecture of the Artomatix Suite: Artomatix has designed and implemented a scalable architecture for its Suite
+ Implement a systematic feedback processing pipeline: A large part of the success of ArtEngine is owed to the group of power users (closed partners) that use the product on a regular basis and offer expert feedback on the current state as well as advice on what valuable features they’d like implemented going forward
+ Develop the Artomatix Suite: Through year 2, ArtEngine has developed from its Alpha state into a product actively sold to customers
+ ArtEngine is a desktop application that runs on Microsoft Windows 7 and later versions

Artomatix has laid the groundwork to bring the Artomatix Suite to market (WP3):
+ Artomatix hired a new CEO in December 2017 with a strong sales and marketing background to complement the existing technical and research based core strengths of the company
+ A new Head of Marketing, Louise Scully, was hired in 2018
+ There are now two experienced Demand Generation Specialists working on the team, Geoff O'Donoghue and Rebecca Siemer
+ Define & apply a commercialisation strategy: The existing ArtEngine 1.0 product which commercially launched during 2018 is the flagship offering for the company at present and will be the focus for the sales and marketing team for the coming two years.
+ Artomatix will address its target market primarily through direct sales.
+ Define & apply a marketing strategy, through: the creation of a marketing, PR & community management strategy, the creation of promotional material & the execution of the marketing plan
+ Attend main 3D-specific conferences: Artomatix attended and successfully expanded their network: GDC, Tech Rally VR, Pioneers, Unite Europe and SIGGRAPH

Overall Results
+ Artomatix has developed and brought to market ArtEngine which is now being actively sold to customers
+ Artomatix is a World leader in Creative AI, and as such it brings to market features that simply didn’t exist in the past.
+ Artomatix has made key, experienced hires and built a team capable of scaling the business going forward
+ Hires include a new CEO, Head of Finance, Head of Marketing, Head of Finance and VP of Engineering
The Artomatix Suite will have a positive impact to customers, the society at large and the European Union.

Economic benefits of the Artomatix Suite

The Artomatix Suite brings the following economic benefits to its customers:
1. Dramatic time & cost savings and increase in productivity
2. Faster iterations
3. Personalised outputs
4. Better results over time
5. More 3D asset versatility than ever
6. No performance hits due to low quality hardware

Societal benefits of the Artomatix Suite

The successful implementation of Artomatix Suite would bring additional, societal benefits:
1. Lower the barrier that individuals need to meet to express their creativity
2. Help artists focus on the important tasks
3. Enrich our digital experiences