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Generations and Gender Programme: Evaluate, Plan, Initiate


Initial Design for New Governance Structure

This report will outline the initial design of the GGP's new governance struture.

Report on transitory governance structure

This report will evaluate the GGP Governance structure and make recommendations for greater efficiency and accountability. The report will be delivered to the consortium and council of partners and upon adoption will represent the new governance structure of the GGP.

Evaluation of governance options

This report will evaluate the governance options that are open to the GGP.

Updated Conceptual Design Report

This report will combine and integrate deliverables from all other work packages in order to outline the long term strategy of the GGP. This report will constitute the basis of the GGP's ESFRI application in 2020.

Financing Model for GGP’s new governance structure

This report will outline the financial model to be used by the GGP in conjunction with potential governance structures as identified in WP4.

Risk Assessment

This report will detail the largest risks to the GGP and its long term operations and advise on how they can be mitigated.

Fieldwork Guidelines

The fieldwork guidelines will provide sampling and fieldwork guidelines for national teams with regards to the data collection to be conducted in 2019.

GGP Costbook

This report will provide detailed costings of the fieldwork operations in participating countries under various scenarios.

Socio-Economic Impact Assessment

This report will outline the socio-economic case for the new round of data collection for the GGP.

Human Resource Assessment

This report will identify the human resource needs of the infrastructure and make recommendations for the development of these human resources.

GGP usage analysis

This report will detail the usage of the GGP by both researchers and non-researchers including downloads and publications.

GGP data catalogue update

This will document all new data that is added to the GGP Data Archive through the duration of the project.

Updated GGP Scientific Case

This will provide an update to the scientific case for the GGP which was initially published in 2012. The update will detail the scientific rationale for the new round of data collection.

Report on GGP financing

This report will examine the financing options that are open to the GGP regarding the long term financing of its coordination activities.

GGP 2019 Stakeholder Event

This will be a stakeholder event in Brussels in January 2018 in which potential national funders of the GGP will be invited for discussions regarding the future of the project.

Training for Social and Political Stakeholders

This will consist of a training event for potential public sector users of the GGP.

GGP User Conference

There will be two GGP User Conferences during the course of the project in 2017 (Berlin) and 2019 (Paris).

Survey Instrument for Data collection in 2019

The survey instrument will be a centralised instrument that is to be implemented by national teams participating in data collection in 2019.

GGP 2019 Regional Conferences

There will be 5 GGP Regional Conferences which will address regional specific issues and rise the profile of the project in various sub-regions of the world.

Special Session at International Conference

This special session will be organised at one of the major social survey research conferences and will be aimed at sharing GGP experiences in cross-national survey research and establishing best practices.

Open Research Data Pilot

This will detail the GGP's data procedures in line with the Commissions Open Research Data Pilot

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Generations and Gender Survey study profile

Author(s): Anne H Gauthier, Susana Laia Farinha Cabaço, Tom Emery
Published in: Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, Issue 9/4, 2018, Page(s) 456-465, ISSN 1757-9597
DOI: 10.14301/llcs.v9i4.500