CORDIS - EU research results

The European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot Project.


Consolidated Science Demonstrator evaluation report
Revised requirements of the interoperability testbeds

Revised requirements of the interoperability testbeds: updated requirements from both e-infrastructures and science demonstrators, updated setup of interoperability testbeds

Skills landscape analysis and competence model

Skills landscape analysis and competence model: including results of requirements workshop outcome

EOSC Stakeholder engagement report

EOSC Stakeholder engagement report (lead: LIBER). A report on the outcomes, impact and best practices of engagement of each of the stakeholder groups identified and interacted with. This report will deliver a set of recommendations for engagement after the end of the pilot (M24).

EOSC Federated Service Management Framework

EOSC Federated Service Management Framework describes the common service management principles and policies of EOSC services, as well as the roles and responsibilities of EOSC service providers, thereby specifying the Rules of Engagement for EOSC service providers

EOSC Service portfolio roadmap

EOSC Service portfolio roadmap describes what services the future EOSC service portfolio should have, with input from known high-level user requirements, gaps from science demonstrators, user-driven service integrations and the resulting experiences

1st Report on Data Interoperability

1st Report on Data Interoperability: Findability and Interoperability. Report on Open resource discovery architectures for finding data, standards and services in a distributed European science commons (FINDABILITY) and established research community and RI standards and practices (INTEROPERABILITY) for project partner and community consultation

Science Demonstrator Engagement Model

Science Demonstrator Engagement Model: Define the engagement model with the Science Demonstrators during the EOSC Pilot.

Interim Interoperability Testbed report

Interim Interoperability Testbed report: describing the first results of the validation of services and demonstrators in the interoperability testbeds

Draft Governance framework for a European Open Science Cloud

The draft version will mainly focus on recommendations on a model for federated governance, including governance principles, structure and processes

Open Science Policy Toolkit
Specifications for Open Science Registry
Report on governance piloting process
Evaluation report of service pilots

Evaluation report of service pilots evaluates the cross-infrastructure usage and user experience of science demonstrators through the executed service pilots to suggest service, interoperability and governance improvements and best practices of use.

Report on training workshops
Initial EOSC Service Architecture the high-level EOSC (reference) service architecture
EOSC Service portfolio

EOSC Service portfolio describes what the EOSC services, data catalogues, etc. are, how they’re bundled or packaged, and what benefits they provide, taking the service portfolios from the various existing European e-infrastructures and RI’s as a starting point

EOSC Rules of Engagement

EOSC Rules of Engagement - recommendations for a minimum defined set of rules and practices for EOSC participation and function.

Final Report on data interoperability

Final Report on data interoperability. Report along FAIR dimensions with recommended architectures and standards in the EOSC

Final EOSC architecture
Final Policy Recommendations

Final Policy Recommendations (including Stakeholder Engagement and Benefit Realisation for funders, RPOs, RIs and e-Infrastructures)

Governance framework for a European Open Science Cloud

Governance framework for a European Open Science Cloud The final version should include all relevant elements from the other Governance WP tasks and other WPs to present recommendations for the full EOSC governance framework

Final Stakeholder map
Initial requirements of the interoperability testbeds
Interim report and catalogue of EOSC skills training and educational materials
2nd Report on Data Interoperability

2nd Report on Data Interoperability: Accessibility and Reusability .Report on common mechanisms for data access with Science Demonstrators. (ACCESSIBILITY) and for facilitating reuse across science domain entities in the EOSC (REUSABILITY) for project partner and community consultation

Mechanisms to align national investments relevant to the objectives of the EOSC
Updated Specifications of the Open Science Monitor and Registry

An updated Specifications of the Open Science Monitor and Registry

2nd Report on Governance Development Board involvement and activity
Consolidated Science Demonstrator progress report
Final Interoperability Testbed report

Final Interoperability Testbed report: with results and feedback on the interoperability testbeds

Draft Policy Recommendations

Draft Policy Recommendations (within an emphasis on recommendations within the European Open Science Cloud Implementation and pilot)

Science Demonstrator Selection process

Science Demonstrator Selection process Description of the process and criteria that will be used at PM6 and PM12 to select further Science Demonstrators that will participate in the EOSC Pilot.

Draft Stakeholder map
Final report EOSC strategy for sustainable development of skills and capabilities
Policy Landscape Report
EOSC architecture design and validation procedure
Final EOSC Service Architecture

Final EOSC Service Architecture describes the high-level EOSC (reference) service architecture updated after input from executed service pilots and WP6 Interoperability.

Capability model and framework

Capability model and framework: reflecting outcomes of service providers’ workshop and (from WP Interoperability) service validation outcomes

Specifications for an European Open Science Monitor Service
e-Infrastructure Gap Analysis

e-Infrastructure Gap Analysis: document to be provided to the governance and services WP as input for the architecture definition.

EOSC Web portal (initial version)

EOSC Web portal (initial version) (delivered by TRUST-IT) the first version of the public web portal as a key engagement and communication tool.

Dissemination & Communication Materials

Dissemination & Communication Materials, (lead: TRUST-IT). Media & champion packs for early (M2) project promotion, logo, introductory video, brochures, as well as for facilitating end-user engagement.

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