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Enhancing the innovation management capacity of SMEs in Bavaria


"For SMEs, the lack of innovation management capacity is one important barrier to creating economic benefit from innovation projects. The proposed support action project aims at improving the ability of SMEs in the region of Bavaria to perform innovation activities more effective and efficient. This will be achieved by the delivery of well-defined service packages to the SMEs, targeting specifically the enhancement of their innovation management capacity and the removal of potential innovation gaps and bottlenecks.

Target groups of the service packages will be:

1. SME beneficiaries in Bavaria receiving funding from the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument, or having been awarded with a 'Seal of Excellence' (""Key Account Management"" KAM)

2. Other SMEs in Bavaria with European or international potential and strong ambitions in innovation and growth (""Enhancing Innovation Management Capacity"" EIMC)

Receiving the proposed services will increase the ability of the SMEs to generate ideas, to focus on ideas with the highest potential, to translate those ideas into projects, and to bring these projects to an economic success. On the other hand, the services shall increase the ability of SMEs to abandon projects smoothly with minimal losses for the company, in case a project doesn't live up to the original expectations."


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