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D3.2 Cyber-security Empirical Stochastic Econometric Modelling of Efficient Production & Cost-Effective Investment

This deliverable will contain business models and guidelines for regulatory schemes about efficiency in the production of cyber-security services and cost-effectiveness of cyber-risk management investments by potential victims of cyber-attacks.

D4.2 Cyber-security and Cyber-crime Market & Revenue Analysis

Cyber-security and cyber-crime market and revenue analysis.

D4.4 Report on Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cyber-security Solutions, Products and Models

A report on cost-benefit analysis of cyber-security solutions, products and models.

D3.5 Analysis of Legal and Illegal Vulnerability Markets and Specification of the Data Acquisition Mechanisms

This deliverable will specify the intelligent data collection mechanisms and set the specification for the tools.

D3.8 Final Validation Report

These deliverables will summarise the validation assessment of the developed methodologies and practices.

D3.7 Interim Validation Report

These deliverables will summarise the validation assessment of the developed methodologies and practices.

D2.6 Metrics for Measuring and Assessing Privacy of Network Communication

This deliverable will consist of requirements analysis for privacy metrics, analysis of existing metrics for measuring privacy, especially with respect to privacy-friendly communication techniques and if required, of proposal and evaluation of an own metric for measuring privacy based on the defined requirements.

D2.2 Final Report on Cyber-security Indicators & Open Source Intelligence Methodologies

This deliverable will be a final report with recommendations and methodologies on cyber-security indicators and open source intelligence.

D4.1 Stakeholder and Ecosystem Market Analysis

A report with a clear and comprehensive cyber-crime and cyber-security ecosystem view.

D3.6 Model for Correlating the Price of Illicit Goods and Actions with Security Methodologies and Legal Mechanisms

This deliverable will analyse the prices of illicit goods and illegal actions in order to discover correlations with security methodologies, taking into account legislation issues.

D4.5 Recommendations on Investment, Risk Management and Cyber-security Insurance

A set of recommendations on investment, risk management, and cyber-security insurance.

D5.2 Semi-Automated Traffic Analysis of Encrypted Network Traffic

This deliverable will describe a semi-automated tool to assess the degree of protection offered by privacy-friendly communication techniques (especially anonymisation methods based on onion routing) and a proposal how to improve the level of protection offered by state-of-the-art privacy-friendly communication techniques while minimising communication overhead.

D2.4 Final Report on the Comparative Analysis of Cyber-crime Victims

This deliverable will be a final report on the comparative analysis of cyber-crime victims by region, country including recommendations and forecasting.

D5.1 Requirements Specification & Architectural Design of The SAINT Tool Framework

Technical requirements related to system scalability, efficiency, reliability and security. End-users requirements related to end-user usability, usefulness, acceptance and societal compliance.

D2.5 Comparative Analysis of Incentivised, Cooperative & Regulatory Processes in Cyber-security

This deliverable of concerns a comparative analysis draft regarding the effectiveness of the different roles and actions performed by different organizations.

D6.2 Stakeholder and Consumer Requirements Survey Report

This deliverable is a report on the findings from stakeholder & consumer surveys.

D4.3 Business Modelling Report

A comparative analysis of various innovative business models to fight against cyber-crime from a systemic perspective.

D2.7 Cyber-security Standards, Benchmarking & Best Practices Overview

This deliverable will provide a comparative overview of major cyber-security standards, benchmarking and best practices.

D3.1 Cyber-security Empirical Stochastic Econometric Modelling of Information Sharing Policies & Behavioural Attitude

This deliverable will contain business models and guidelines for regulatory schemes about cyber-security information-sharing policies and cyber-security behavioural features of human attitude.

D6.3 SAINT – Website and Back-End Management Platform for Information Sharing

Web based platform for administration and management. Web information portal for the public and registered users. Social Media Accounts sites, as channels of communication and interaction with the general public.


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