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Standardisation of situational Awareness sYstems to Strengthen Operations in civil protection


Roadmap for further Advanced MSSAS Optimization

Roadmap for further Advanced MSSAS Optimization, including a roadmap for future research, development and innovation of MSSAS (TRL 4 to 6) and corresponding necessary evolutions of the SAYSO Reference Architecture and Specifications and the associated research actions to perform in order to further progress towards the system development [ISCC], and a roadmap of future innovations in ICT systems and human-factors [LIST] covering aspects such as stress management, group work (communication) and data visualisation and other approaches.

Report on second public SAYSO Workshop

Summary of the agenda and the outcomes of the second SAYSO Workshop.

MSSAS Specifications and Reference Architecture

The deliverable will be developed in three stages, as version V1 (M11), V2 (M18) and V3 (M23). This deliverable will be the output of tasks T3.1 and T3.3 and will provide the proposed specification and Reference Architecture for SAYSO compliant systems including the phases involved in requirements capture, design and validation during deployment. In the final version (M23) a set of specifications which are agreed upon and based on existing operational MSSAS (TRL 7 to 9), including checklists to support PIA, legal compliance and data protection from a legal point of view. Each version of the deliverable will review and expand the content with the first version providing an overview and basic guidelines and concepts. Each partner will be responsible for contributing their own topic area as outlined in T3.1 and T3.3.

Inventory of practitioners’ requirements

List of requirements that will be used to define the specifications of the targeted integrated MSSAS, including the information needed by the different end users.

Governance Body and Charter of rules

The description of the processes and rules to manage the SAYSO Network and Community beyond the end of the project.

Gap analysis and PIA

Analysis of gaps with respect to what is missing in existing SA solutions compared to the identified requirements. This Gap Analysis will include the PIA and risk analysis.

Report on final public SAYSO Workshop

Summary of the agenda and the outcomes of the final SAYSO Workshop.

Reference scenarios

List of scenarios that will be used to assess the specifications of the targeted integrated MSSAS.

Roadmap for further standardisation activities

Specific roadmap to promote some key elements of the SAYSO Specifications as potential future standards.

Tender documents for future MSSAS procurement

Tender templates and documents for both commercial procurement future research and development programmes. Developed in two stages, as version V1 (M18) and V2 (M23).

Report on training event for procurers of future MSSAS

Report including material used for training procurers as well as feedback and recommendations provided by participants on the EU R&D potential, the technical, operational, cultural and organisational strength and challenges of the R&D service procurement for the CP community. Recommendations to the EC concerning relative future actions will be integrated in this report.

Report on first public SAYSO Workshop

Summary of the agenda and the outcomes of the first SAYSO Workshop.

State of the Art Analysis

Inventory of existing SA solutions, tools, technologies, standards, procurement processes.

Input- and Output Data Formats used by EU Crisis Response Organisations

Overview of input- and output data currently used by EU organisations for providing situational awareness.

EU Community Crisis Management Library

The library will provide a set of standard definitions of core terms of SA systems translated initially into German, English and one additional European language. It will support the addition of other languages by encouraging the Community to upload their translations. In order to improve communication pictograms and flow charts will be used to improve communication. The deliverable will be developed in two stages, as version V1 (M11) and V2 (M18).

Procurers handbook

A structured approach and recommendations to evaluate MSSAS tenders, methodologies and best practices for MSSAS procurers to assess compliance against the SAYSO Specifications, and a check-list to verify compliance of the SAYSO Specifications with existing standards. Developed in two stages, as version V1 (M18) and V2 (M23).

Final report on SAYSO Community and Dissemination activities

Final report documenting lessons learnt and possible ways forward.

Open call platform for future SAYSO procurement

A web-based platform to support the tendering of MSSAS.

SAYSO Public website

Initial version of the SAYSO public web site.

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