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Information Day for Hungarian students and young researchers on career possibilities in the European Research Area


Concept for the Inspriring Science Workshops

The aim of these preliminary events is to raise the interest of specific groups for the researcher career in general and for the ERA Mobility and Career Day, in particular.

Report on the ERA Mobility and Career Day

The report will include the expectations and the recommendations of the participants, the outcome of the discussions and the achieved performance indicators of the ERA Mobility and Career Day. The report will have two distinct parts and will focus on the researchers (Part 1) as well as on the research performing organisations, including industry and funding organisations (Part 2).

ERA Mobility and Career Day brochure

A printed publication, including practical information about the ERA Mobility and Career Day, is intended to be distributed to event participants and also made available later on for future reference. Estimated quantity: 300 copies (number to be adjusted based on the number of registered participants) in addition to the electronic version which will be available online. The brochure will contain the program and agenda, information about invited speakers and trainers, profile of the employer organizations (descriptions, area of research, contact information) and a selection of practical resources that are identified as relevant for the target group, such as the link to EURAXESS portal, web links to various networks for researchers, etc.

Final agenda of the ERA Mobility and Career Day

Upon confirmation of participation, further details regarding the programs will be discussed and agreed on: duration, specific topic, relevance for the audience, special technical equipment for presentations, information to share in the promotional materials related to the event.

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ERA Mobility and Career Day

Author(s): Dora Groo, Fanni Szigeti, Adam Molnar, Katalin Kalai, Anna Kollath, Cristina Balint-Nagy
Published in: 2018
Publisher: Central European University