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The Tool Supporting (r)Evolution In Forecasting and Optimizing Power Distribution Networks


Operators of energy distribution systems (DSOs) are now facing several challenges related to projected growth of population of electric vehicles (EVs), abundance renewable energy source (RES), presence of distributed generation & co-generation, growing number of prosumers, and the advent of residential energy storage. Responding to these fundamental changes in the energy distribution model at Globema Sp. z o. o. ( we developed the first comprehensive IT tool that can assist of DSOs in forecasting short, mid and long-term energy demand and generation in time and space domains as well as in optimizing their investment decisions. The tool was designed and engineered exploiting our experience in developing IT tools for the utility sector. It also exploits our understanding of expectations of the energy sector especially in the distribution area. The tool does not only allow help plan the network reflecting the contemporary challenges but allows for decreasing distribution loss by 9-10% in the MV and LV parts of the contemporary distribution network. Although our solution reached the pilot stage, our development is not yet completed. We need to enhancing its user interface to be more user friendly, integrating it with GIS systems and SCADA systems in order to make it more robust, versatile and easier to operate. ElGrid is of strategic importance to our company as it helps modify and extend our tool in which we have invested already 300 man months as well as to establish technological leadership in the new market segment. In order to achieve this, we are applying for SME Instrument Phase 1 funds to: (i) elaborate an exhaustive technical feasibility study focused on extending and completing our tool; (ii) develop a detailed business plan to clarify how best we can commercialise ElGrid addressing various markets requirements and specifics of new markets.

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