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QUAKE SAVER: Emergency System for Door opening in any critical condition.

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - QSave (QUAKE SAVER: Emergency System for Door opening in any critical condition.)

Reporting period: 2017-01-01 to 2017-06-30

What is the problem/issue being addressed?

Quake Saver system (acronym QSave), is an innovative anti-locking door system, which aims to strengthen the security of people, primarly in the case of natural disasters (such as earthquakes, landslides, fires, avalanches), but also in the case of any kind of accident or event that may occur in most industrialized areas (arson and unintended fires, terrorist attacks, domestic accidents, etc.).
QSave project, through the anti-locking door system provides to people inside buildings, a safe exit way and, thus, safeguards the safety of people.
Qsave is produced by installing a steel bar in the upper part of the door, inside the panel near the frame. The bar is made with a special process and has the same width as the door.
This steel bar in case of unforeseen events (earthquakes, landslides, fires, etc.), which generally cause the lowering of the lintel, allows the deformation of the frame, helping to ensure an easy door opening.

Why is it important for society?

A large geographic area of European territory is highly seismic and hydrogeological, subject to natural disasters such as earthquakes, hydrogeological disasters, landslides, etc.
In many cases, such events have devastating effects on populations, and because of these events, the QSave innovative system is born.
The QSave anti-locking door emergency system intends to enhance user safety standards in territories not only at high seismic and hydrogeological risk, but also in industrialized areas subject to additional stress (arson and non-fires, assaults and in some cases defects in Production of the output routes installed).
The anti-locking door, QSave system, will soon become a standardized and certified, as non-structural element to guarantee a safe exit way, thus increasing the resilience of Europe and its citizens in cases of exceptional disasters natural.
Further the system QSave has the following features: low cost, easy to use (even at existing doors), non invasive and aesthetically pleasing.
The added value of the QSave anti-locking system, is to adequate the existing doors, at a low cost, to a higher safety standard, ensuring their easy openings and a safe exit routes to people without environmental impact and with no compromising the aesthetics of the door.

What are the overall objectives?

We can summarize the value propotion of the QSave ensuring the following results:
1) increased security of users to access/exit in places of public access, labor and civil residences (reducing the risk of accidents);
2) improving the safety standards of the users, not only in the territories of high seismic risk and hydrogeological but also in industrialized areas subject to additional stresses (eg. acts of arson and not, manufacturing defects of doors);
3) QSave could be classified as non-structural element seismic, for escape routes, non-invasive and cost-effective device.
The demonstration of the results obtained, with this equipment, it will originate an important business opportunities, not only at European level but also in international areas.
We need to underline that to date there are no similar solutions, like this one, on the sector market, for this reason we will propose to qualify, the QSave system, as non-structural seismic device.
The work performed since the beginning of the project throughout the reporting period essentially concerned:
a) the dissemination activities with the various participation in conferences, exhibitions, showrooms, newspaper articles and meeting with major producers doors and locks etc ..
b) seeking a partnership with leading door and lock manufacturers
c) Market Analisys:The market in which we operate is the windows and doors market, and our primary focus is on European doors market made of wood, iron and steel and alluminium. Residential, commercial and industrial industries looks all attractive.

Further, to demonstrate the feasibility of the business idea we have performed a thorough analysis of several aspects. According to our proposal, we have analyzed the trends, threats and opportunities of the doors and locking systems production industries segments.
To understand the possible position in the market we have studied its size and trends, the available technologies and the key competitors.
We have developed a business plan of the whole project covering the three phases of the growth: the pilot production for the market tests; the realization of an industrial plant and the beginning of the commercialization.
In the final report we made review the results of our market study, our commercialization strategy, an evaluation of the resources needed, our IPR protection strategy and our business plan including our pricing strategy, five years sales forecast and risk analysis.
LF System Italia s.r.l.s. (owner of Quake Saver patent), in keeping with the most stringent regulations on safety and safeguarding the safety of people in the building sector and in the light of the priorities of the EU community, has developed, by identifying one of the main needs of users, their own personal safety.
Our innovative system is able to guarantee a safe exit via an anti-locking door system.
The Quake Saver is integrated directly into new doors and/or adapting existing ones, while preserving the door's original aesthetics at a cost affordable to every single user.
The positive effects on society and on the territory are mainly represented by ensuring their safety with a simple, economical and innovative solution, starting with a massive production of the device, it achieves a development of territorial GDP, increasing the employment rate, also of gender, of country.
Picture of Quake Saver System ( acronim: QSave)