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A revolutionary and patented compact device that recovers the majority of the heat from waste water in residential and commercial places


Hot water costs a lot of energy to heat, yet most of that heat goes down the drain. Due to lack of effective and efficient solutions at small scales in residential buildings and small businesses, still a huge amount of energy is wasted for heating the water. In Europe alone, that’s a €15B waste every year and this is as high as €18B in North America. Current solutions are mostly focusing on more efficient boilers and not heat recovery, and the heat recovery solutions don’t have high efficiency and are suffering steady loss of efficiency therefore their payback periods are so long.
EHTech developed and patented a fully automatic filter-less system, Obox®, which recovers 71% of the heat and use it to heat the water again therefore, cuts the hot water bill by 63%. Using Obox® will lead to major saving in energy (264TW/yr) and CO2 emissions (150 million tons of CO2/yr) if every dwelling in EU28 is equipped with an Obox®.

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