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Artificial General Intelligence software enabling workforce relief for optimised results and increased efficiency

Periodic Reporting for period 1 - Xepholution (Artificial General Intelligence software enabling workforce relief for optimised results and increased efficiency)

Reporting period: 2016-12-01 to 2017-03-31

Xepholution is a cutting edge technology based on Artificial General Intelligence able to develop creativity and perform intellectual tasks typical to humans. It offers massive cost savings and supports redirecting the valuable workforce skills to other activities where they are needed more, leading to an estimated cost saving of up to 80%. The technology is able to develop creativity and perform intellectual tasks typical to humans (human brain functional replica). This advanced technology, is the first one worldwide which is able to program itself in C++ and learn tasks from experience autonomously and continuously. The software is applicable for a variety of diverse industries, including finance, health care, marketing, and security. Essentially, all organisations, from varying sectors and industries that rely on IT systems would become target customers and users of Xepholution.
New technologies and disruptive ICT solutions have the potential to boost Europe’s economy and in turn increase the quality of life. In line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which aims to integrate various modern technology solutions, Xepholution proposes the Artificial General Intelligence solution which has the potential to drastically modify organisational forms and how businesses operate. With its features, Xepholution increases productivity beyond the potential of human ability (e.g. works 24 hours a day every day without a break) at the same time relieving the workload of increasingly overworked employees, in turn preventing burn-outs and reducing necessary time spent at work and improving life-work balance. Considering that the European economy faces the challenge of ageing society and competition globalised markets, productivity growth becomes crucial to improve Europe’s position on the global market.
The overall objective of the feasibility study, was to verify the technical and economic viability of the solution and identify technical development and commercialisation plan to prepare it fully for the market.
During the Phase 1 feasibility study, we have accomplished a full analysis of the technical and business potential of Xepholution. Throughout the project, we have expanded our network of potential stakeholders, including strategic partners, pilot trial supporters, and first clients. We have learnt that, there is interest in our solution in various industry sectors and our focus on which of these sectors we will target first had to be revaluated. Our initial targets will be in the sectors where we already have developed connections and laid the foundations for pilot trial tests. This will include health care, security, finance, and marketing/advertising industries, with the inclusion of any other interested parties. Phase 1 Feasibility Study was instrumental in deriving important product and commercialisation developments needed for the market launch of Xepholution. The findings have confirmed the key feature developments of the software based on customer/user needs investigation. We have changed our approach to the business model and have developed a new, annual license scheme with 4 different packages, instead of monthly fee. We have also refined our pricing plan, to accurately respond to the tested willingness to pay.
Xepholution’s novelty relies on its breakthrough, new to the world features. These include:
 - Artificial neural network, which is a functional replica of the human brain
 - Ability to learn directly from a real person in real time and further unsupervised building on the obtained knowledge – constantly improving with time
 - Ability for the virtual user to pass on the knowledge to subsequent virtual users
 - System’s capability of machine learning as well and machine thinking
Existing technology platforms in several industries (e.g. finance, motor automation etc.) are antiquated, fragmented, and incomplete, rendering the internal work processes costly and inefficient. Often even simple tasks are performed by highly skilled employees, which could very well be delegated to an automated process of artificial intelligence. This increases the cost for the employers and keeps the workforce away from more relevant tasks. Additionally, human error and data safety are one of the major concerns in any data sensitive environment. Intentional or not, data leaks and exposure of sensitive data can have very adverse effects on businesses regardless of the nature of their operations or sector they are in, as well as on life of others. Knowledge transfer of highly skilled work and processes take a long time to transfer between employees. If a highly skilled employee leaves an organization, they take away their skill sets with them, leaving their new replacement to build up these new skills from scratch. Xepholution is an Artificial General Intelligence based software system which enables customers to relieve the workforce in complex business tasks and therefore apply their skills in areas more productive. With this, Xepholution offers massive cost savings and supports redirecting the valuable workforce skills to other activities where they are needed more, leading to an estimated cost saving of up to 80% in certain activities (based on simulations made in a banking environment). The system can also work without breaks which makes it more productive than the traditional workforce. Xepholution uses the so called “virtual user” which takes over various tasks which normally are performed by humans. Through this, the data and knowledge is always kept safe and confidential. At the same time, tasks performed by the virtual users are not prone to human error as factors such as distraction and simple mistakes will not occur. Knowledge transfer would be seamless as Xepholution would have learnt the previous employee’s complete workings of the software or system in question, and intelligently carry them out for the new employee to adopt. Xepholution is an artificial intelligence based software system which enables customers (every place where software is used to contribute to decision-finding like finance, security and healthcare) to streamline the workforce even in complex business systems. In essence, the interaction between the software and its user: human and machine are assistant, teacher, and student for each other. The system is running 24/7 in a permanent process of self-learning and self-improvement. Natural language processing and easy to use chat boxes are helping to communicate and interact in the simplest way between Xepholution software and its user. The system is providing advice, developing new ideas in a creative way and bringing this information to all users in a timely, natural and usable way.
This image presentes the three-step process of how the software learns to perfrom autonomous tasks
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