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Securing Sustainable Dendromass Production with Poplar Plantations in European Rural Areas


Land Agreement over 500 ha per year (period M1-M25)

The land report includes overviews over all agreements signed which secure land for the establishment of fast growing poplar on agricultural land. The report will identify the cooperation partners and the location of the fields, which form part of the respective agreements. The first report will include land agreements signed in the first 24 months of the project (cf. D1.5).

Eco-efficiency and hot spot analysis for the scope of system improvement: Preliminary results

Preliminary conclusions on the scope for further development to improve the eco-efficiency of the product systems

Incentives and barriers to the engagement in dendromass production

Two presentations (ppt) will be complied from the findings of task 5.3. The methodological approach as well as the identified incentives and barriers will be illustrated.

Integration of LCA in value chain establishment: Methodological Approach

Documentation of the methodological approach to derive possible ranges for the interpretation of the LCA.

Biodiversity monitoring: Methodology and preliminary results

The report will present the methodology and preliminary results with regards to the floristic, vegetation and zoological changes that are related with the development of the poplar stands in the SRC habitats. Based on repeated plant species recordings in permanent sample plots and on periodical monitoring of birds, amphibians and invertebrates, the succession of the biocoenoses in selected stands will be outlined. The occurrence of invasive species will be reported if such species are detected in the sample plots.

Findings from Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

The report will be prepared on an annual basis summarizing the findings and conclusion from all EIA conducted.

Dissemination and communication plan

D6.2 will provide information on planned dissemination activities (publications, conferences, fairs, workshops) and planned communication activities, such as press releases. - Dissemination of demonstrative technologies, including full value chains, in different forms (e.g. flyers, leaflets, promotional items, documents, academic conference presentations) - Dissemination of Business Models developed in the project, to help convince new actors, land owners for SRC plantation establishment

Dendromass4Europe public website

The public website of Dendromass4Europe will be available online in M6 containing information about the vision and objectives as well as the structure and role of the partners. A specific section targeted to the end users will include the possibility to register for a mailing list through which major events and results will be communicated.


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