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Artificial Life Today Anthropological and Sociological Analysis of Life Engineering


We are witnessing profound changes in our societies via biosciences and bio-technologization. Biotechnologies, synthetic biology, and new genetics in general represent key areas of life sciences, characterised by rapid technological and scientific development. The biotechnologies as key areas of contemporary cultural and social transformations are influenced by specific technological rationality and power that is inscribed in the very foundations of modern society. The power is biopower/biopolitics, which names, creates, and controls life. The project addresses contemporary challenges in the field of biopolitical life engineering, specifically in case of PGD (preimplantantion genetic diagnosis) technology. There is a lack of reflection on the broader social and cultural context and on the ramifications of synthetic life engineering, PGD in the Czech Republic from the anthropological and sociological points of view. These issues remain unanalysed, contributing to a lack of understanding of the specific concerns of synthetic life and life sciences in the Eastern European and post-socialist context. This proposed project will analyse social context of technology PGD in the Czech Republic in comparison with Germany. This project is guided by the main questions: How is the field of life engineering, particularly PGD technology, culturally and socially structured in the Czech Republic in comparison with Germany? What kinds and forms of agency are involved there? Are there any specific concerns in public debates relating to life engineering in comparisons of Eastern and Western Europe? The main aim of this research, which will be conducted on case studies of two European countries, is to analyse and interpret through sociological and anthropological perspective the ways in which current forms of biopower and ideas of artificial life have been influencing the social field of life engineering, especially PGD technology.


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