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Biological Valorization of Methane Emissions


This action aims to obtain new methanotroph strains able to transform methane into valuable user products, in particular the bio-polymer PHA and ectoine. This will contribute to couple the abatement of a gas with high green-house power, to the production of useful chemicals and bio-consumables, which is in agreement with the objectives of H2020.

This action combines the isolation of methanotroph strains using suitable selective pressures, with state of the art bioinformatic techniques to understand the metabolism of the selected strains and select thargeted genetic modifications aiming to improve the performance of the strains.

The action is expected to result in patents of high producer methanotroph strains. A secondment in industry will allow to explore the posibilities for industrial aplications of the developed technologies.


Net EU contribution
€ 170 121,60
Plaza santa cruz 8 palacio de santa cruz
47002 Valladolid

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Centro (ES) Castilla y León Valladolid
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Higher or Secondary Education Establishments
Other funding
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