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GOethite in Supergene Systems: ANalysing trace element substitution goethite and related iron oxides and oxyhydroxides.


The GOSSAN project will provide a full and accurate study on the geochemical, morphological and structural composition of iron oxides and oxyhydroxide compounds, The attention will be focalized on goethite in different types of Supergene Ore deposits (SOD). More precisely, it is aimed to investigate the concentration, structural position and cationic exchange and economic potential of goethite as an unconventional source of “Critical Elements” (CE).
Furthermore, the behaviour of the the goethite precursor phase (ferrihydrite) will be documented by assessment of the ions behaviour during maturation and transformation to goethite and finally hematite.
The project will be developed in two years in which the reseacher
will examine the mineralogy and geochemistry of many supergene samples of the NHM collections by the useof the analytical facilities provided by NHM. Ion exchange reactions will be assessed by experimental tests while the geochemical uptake of metallic trace elements will be studied by the use of TEM and Synchrotone XAS techniques. Furthermore, metallurgical treatments will be carried out on selected natural metal-bearing goethite specimens from different SOD in order to study the potential recovery of the metals trapped in the structure to assess the economic potential of iron oxides and oxyhdroxides
The project also comprises a well-defined plan of training activities for the researcher in order to enhance its skills and help him to develop its future career as researcher.


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