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Microscopic Probes of Inflationary Cosmology


Real-Time Corrections to the Effective Potential

Author(s): Pimentel, Guilherme L.; Stout, John
Published in: 2019
Publisher: Public Repository

The Cosmological Bootstrap: Weight-Shifting Operators and Scalar Seeds

Author(s): Baumann, Daniel; Duaso Pueyo, Carlos; Joyce, Austin; Lee, Hayden; and L. Pimentel, Guilherme
Published in: 2019
Publisher: public repository

The Cosmological Bootstrap: Inflationary Correlators from Symmetries and Singularities

Author(s): Arkani-Hamed, Nima; Baumann, Daniel; Lee, Hayden; L. Pimentel, Guilherme
Published in: 2019
Publisher: public repository

Primordial Non-Gaussianity (Astro 2020 White Paper)

Author(s): Meerburg, Daan; Green, Daniel; Baumann, Daniel; Chisari, Elisa; Dvorkin, Cora; Flauger, Raphael; Foreman, Simon; Goon, Garrett; Lee, Hayden; Loverde, Marilena; Marsh, M.C. David; Dizgah, Azadeh Moradinezhad; Pajer, Enrico; L. Pimentel, Guilherme; Silverstein, Eva; Slosar, Anze; Wallisch, Benjamin; and Wandelt, Benjamin.
Published in: 2019
Publisher: public repository

Vacua on the Brink of Decay

Author(s): Guilherme L. Pimentel, Alexander M. Polyakov, Grigory M. Tarnopolsky
Published in: Reviews in Mathematical Physics, Issue 30/07, 2018, Page(s) 1840013, ISSN 0129-055X
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Co
DOI: 10.1142/S0129055X18400135

Partially massless fields during inflation

Author(s): Daniel Baumann, Garrett Goon, Hayden Lee, Guilherme L. Pimentel
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics, Issue 2018/4, 2018, ISSN 1029-8479
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing
DOI: 10.1007/JHEP04(2018)140

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