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Hellenic Multimedia Action - Multimedia Tourist Information System


The objectives of this Action are: the enhancement of the quality of the services provided by the tourist industry and the increase of its productivity by reducing the information retrieval cycle; the generation of new business opportunities within Greece and abroad, on the basis of the existing tradition in tourist activities involving important human resources.

There are two projects within this framework:

A Multimedia Tourist Information Online System (TO-5)

This project's prime objective is to facilitate the sale abroad of Greek package holidays in Greece and, through its rich and friendly interface, attract potential customers from the higher income brackets. The system will consist of a number of interlinked modules: a multimedia database on CD-ROM with a hypertext interface, a holiday planner based on updatable databases, and a human interface. The complete system will have multilingual capability, giving the user the option to select the language of the presentation, and will be initially implemented in two languages. It will be installed in offices worldwide.

Integrated Multimedia Tourism Information System (TO-6)

This project proposes the application of multimedia technology to tourist information and takes advantage of a successfully completed project application partly financed by the EU STAR programme by the name "AEGEAN SYSTEM". The project "IMTIS - AEGEAN II" will concentrate only on "multimedia" tourist information, and marketing, building on the experience gained by the pilot application of the "AEGEAN SYSTEM". The aim is to develop a network of multimedia units located on three islands (Chios, Samos, Lesvos) and a database server located in the University of the Aegean at the Department of Business Administration at Chios island interconnected through an X.25 network. The system will present multilingual information (two languages will be employed, Greek and English) about selected islands in a very simple, user friendly multimedia environment. At the same time, the unit will allow for reservations in associated hotels by any user (information for over 25 hotels in the pilot phase will be included).


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