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Sacred Landscapes in Late Byzantium


This interdisciplinary project will explore texts composed by the fourteenth-century Constantinopolitan Patriarch Philotheos Kokkinos, with a threefold focus on:
1. The creation of sacred landscape in fourteenth-century Byzantium.
2. The attitude(s) towards and representation(s) of women in late Byzantine patriarchal society.
3. The textual transmission of Kokkinos’ saints’ lives.
The project includes the preparation of critical editions for two hitherto unedited hagiographical texts written by Kokkinos.

The fellow will receive training in digital humanities and textual criticism which will further his career goal of becoming a lecturer in Medieval Studies. This research project will contribute to a better understanding of Eastern medieval thought-worlds, particularly during the troubled period of the fourteenth century, which saw a shrunken Byzantium struggle for survival between the growing Muslim East and the Latin West.


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