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Characterization and monitoring of vigilance fluctuation in disorders of consciousness


This prospective exploratory study will aim at characterizing vigilance fluctuation in patients with disorders of consciousness (as defined by a change in diurnal behavioral response over time) using neurophysiological parameters. We based this project on the assumption that changes at the Coma Recovery Scale-Revised scores (i.e. behavioral responsiveness) will be associated with a change in ocular measures and EEG complexity, suggesting that some of these parameters could be used for monitoring vigilance in this population. We expect that this fluctuation will be particularly marked in patients with a minimally conscious state as compared with patients in an unresponsive wakefulness syndrome who will display a more stable pattern of response over the two days. This project aims to better understand the course of vigilance fluctuation in DOC and to develop an objective tool based on biomarkers that could be used at bedside to determine the best periods to assess and treat these patients.


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