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Automotive Industry CIME


The AICIME action addresses the problem of CIME implementation in four Portuguese SMEs which are potential automotive component suppliers of Auto-Europa, the Ford/Volkswagen consortium.

The results of this pilot could be extended to other companies and other sectors of Portuguese industry. The introduction of CIME technologies into Portuguese suppliers of automotive components will enable them not only to act as local suppliers to the new Ford-Volkswagen plant but will also position them to act as credible and qualified suppliers to other supply chains in the European automotive sector.

The objectives are to:

- identify the present level of manufacturing integration in the four SME companies and recommend areas for CIME implementation
- survey projects in the area of CIME and production processes in order to select those relevant to the needs of these SMEs
- prepare proposals on the strategic and organisational aspects of technology transfer, in particular regarding:

. transfer of technologies, methodologies and tools, know-how and experience
. interaction between the supply and demand sides.

The approach will be to:

- carry out technological and organisational audits at four automotive component manufacturers - AUTOSIL, ARJAL, INAPAL and SONAFI
- carry out a survey of applicable CIME projects
- define specific CIME implementation projects of CIME implementation at the 4 selected demonstrators.

The AICIME action is fully in line with the objectives of the PITIE subprogram of PEDIP, and will be co-funded by IAPMEI (the department of the Portuguese Ministry of Industry responsible for the support of SMEs).


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