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Industrial and Infrastructure Investor Confidence Project


This project will extend the successful standardization approach of the Investor Confidence Project beyond buildings and into Industry and Infrastructure. It will utilize a similar approach to the Horizon 2020 funded ICPEU project which developed standardization for building energy efficiency projects. It will develop standardized Protocols and associated tools (Project Development Specifications, Index of National Resources and Templates) for energy efficiency projects in industry and infrastructure - specifically street lighting and district energy. It will have a European wide communications plan, as well as work in five specific countries, building on the work of ICPEU. It will also develop and deploy trainings for Project Developers and Quality Assurance providers. Using the eco-system of Project Developers and its own networks the project will engage with project developers to certify projects and programmes as being Investor Ready Energy Efficiency (IREE). It will dedicate technical assistance resources to helping project owners and project developers to adopt IREE. It will also dedicate specific resources to working with financial institutions to help them incorporate IREE into their investment and lending procedures.

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